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  1. me and my friends have always bought weed of this one guy, we buy almost everday and i never failed to get high even though there was three heads hittin the blunt. one day we bought of a friend of ours who said his contained 33% THC. we smoked it ALOT of it and i was high but in a very different way then my previous experiences. later i felt very sick, i threw up everything i had in me and i felt nauseous every time i moved my head. but the problem is now whenever i smoke i don't get high anymore. what should i do?
  2. Sounds like you have the penis cancer bro
  3. thanks smartass but im a girl
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  4. Take a break from indulging for two or three weeks.
    Clear out your system and eat and drink healthy foods.
    You should feel better.
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  5. That can't be right, how can you get penis cancer without a penis? You must be a dude.
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  6. Yep. Shes addicted to the penis. Buys weed every day from "a guy." Have some dignity and pay your male prostitutes with some blowjobs.

  7. Dont buy less often and in larger quantities- its less expensive.

    Sounds like you normally get crap smoko and when you had quality you had way to much, had a whiteout and felt ill. Now you back to smoking crap weed again...

    Take a break for awhile. (and dont trust The Penis)
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  8. To get super duper high, induldge after a day of work or a hardcore workout and the endorphins will kick in with it, making it stronger & longer lasting. Eat a mango before, during, after (or mango juice) and try not to stuff your face with munchies. Enjoy in moderation, as even a few days break will hugely increase appreciation and feeling for it.
    enjoy ;)
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  9. you do get high. you just don't know it.

    take a break.

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