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  1. hey..
    a couple of questions just to see if i'm doing anything wrong... i have a northern light female plant which has been on a 12/12 cycle for 38 days.. found buds forming on it 13 days after i put it on 12/12... (please see pics below).. it is an indoor grow and i am using cfl's for lighting... can anyone tell me if the size of the bud is normal?? as i think they are a little small.. or do they still need to thicken up?? i checked the thrichomes and they are still clear.. any comments will be greatly appreciated.... thankyou..

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  2. Yeah man, you seem to be right on pace. Looking good! Dont worry about the size of those buds yet, your only @ 1/2 way home. Dont forget that those buds will put on most of their weight and density in the last few weeks.

    Lets see some updates...this is when its realy fun to watch! Good luck.
  3. i'm about the same place in my grow right now. watching the buds get bigger and bigger every day is so exciting. yours looks great!
  4. hey thanks a lot for your comments.. its good to hear i'm doing ok.. it just seems that all the pics of other peoples grows i've seen on here seem to have a lot bigger buds than i have... thats why i am a little concerned..
  5. hey anyone.. from the pics i posted do you think its time to flush for the last time please????
  6. not yet. it looks to me like you've got a while longer
  7. i would move a ligh or 2 onto the lower ends of the plants so th bottom buds fill out as well. as for flushing when was the last time you did

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