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  1. Hey all, not sure where i should ask this, so i'll post it here.

    I have a big party coming up, and in addition to weed, i'm thinking of grabbing some salvia or shrooms.

    How much would about 5-7gs of shrooms or like 55$ of salvia get me?

    I only need enough for about 3-4 guys, cuz i'm not sharing the stuff with everyone at the party.

    another question. Do shrooms screw you up enough that i shouldn't go home to my parents? (still living at home while going to college, dont jump on my a$$ about being under 18), like should i stay at a buddie's apartment till i come down?

    Thanks all.
  2. get shrooms.
  3. ok i should get shrooms? How much do they cost per g?

    And how much would i need to rip up 4 people?

    I'm prepared to spend a little bit on this party, so money doesn't matter terribly much
  4. for shrooms you would like to have at least 2.5g per person IMO to have a decent trip.(I usually take 3.5 or so for a stronger experience)
    You dont wanna be around your parents while shrooming also...anyways your pupils will give it away
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    shrooms vary in prices in different locations. it should be anywhere from $30-$40 for an 8th .depending on the poetency anywhere from a half8th to an 8th will be good. either way ull still feel something off a half8th but if there not that good an 8th is always good. salvia sucks for a party in my opinion...never done shrooms at a party but it sounds like fun...o yea dont be around ur parents during the peak of ur trip...u wont have to have like a conversation with ur parents will u? i would say after about 4 1/2 - 5 hours of tripping u should be straight around them
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    fuck that no shrooms at partys.only do it with people you know for the first time and NO DRINKING ON SHROOMS TRUST ME DO NOT DO THIS
  7. and please dont go spending almost $40 on 1/8 of shrooms...thats just crazy..Ive never spent more than $20 for 1/8

  8. i broke all three of these things the first time i did shrooms and had a fucking BLAST.

    party hardy, drink your fill, be content.

    eat like 1.5-2g per person if you want a real nice easy 3.5 if you wanna trip balls.
  9. agreed . shrooms are not a party drug . you can really get freaked the fuck out and sometimes its a very scary experience. trust me, i know from past experiences and it was not fun at all. save the shrooms for when your just chillin wit some of your closest friends, in a room safely and DEFINATELY dont go home whatever you do cuz your parents will notice something's up

  10. Really? Never tried shrooms be4, whats wrong with havin em at a party?

    Seems like the best time to have shrooms.

    But i'll take your advice since i'm a complete newb at shrooms
  11. i also broke all these rules, and i felt the exact opposite of what you did.
    it was one of the worst times of my life, i really thought i was dying. i was caught up in a mental war with myself
  12. well if you want to trip out and then be able to go home to your parents, just do salvia. it only lasts like 10 minutes. but if you want to melt do shrooms but you definetly cant go near your parents as it will be obvious that youre tripping your nuts off haha. theyre both good drugs
  13. shrooms at a party would destroy your night. especialy if youre drinking. shrooms are different with all people and the outcome also relies on how you look at it when going into the trip.

    take shrooms with people you know in a secure location...after about 3 hours its safe to go for a walk, or be chauffeured to a party.

    if its your first time then just take it easy and do as were saying. after youve done them youll know how they are and what you would like doing while tripping on them

    salvia...that money would buy a couple grams of 40x i think....5x and 10x are the weakest...ive done 80x before and tripped balls. with salvia, you need to conserve and be efficient when smoking it. pack a little bit of weed in a one hitter bong. then add a one hitter-sized amount on top of the weed. smoke it all and hold that shit in until you cant any longer...youll then "feel the back pack" and have a wicked 3 minute trip
  14. Get neither i'd say,
    salvia has never really been that great IMO
    and shrooms really aren't a party drug either,
    I would say buy an 1/8th of dank and roll a couple of dank blunts...

    but if you are set on getting shrooms (better choice than salvia)
    get 1/4 oz. for 3 people so about 2-3 grams each ($40-$80)
    or if you can get 3/8ths of shrooms for 4 people and eat about 3 grams each. ($60-$110)
    Make your friends throw down cash too, fuck paying for other people...
  15. Thanks guy, i might just buy shrooms and save em for chillin with my buds.

    IglooBuds: Nah dude, this is my party, its not exactly like i'm paying for other people, they hit me up with like 5-6 grams of weed pretty regularly, and i haven't been matching them for a while, so this is me making it up to them. I'm not a sucker, i dont get used.

    Anyway, depending on what i get for answers, i might just buy some high quality dank for the party, since i can get some pretty good shit for 80 bucks(what i'm prepared to spend on drugs)
  16. For a party I would suggest Salvia plain leaves or 5x. Depending on the potency and your tolerance I would not suggest an extract higher than 5x for a party. I also agree that shrooms is a bad idea for a party. Unless your idea of a "party" is to trip balls with some friends.

    I guess it all comes down to is what type of "party" are you having?
  17. shrooms are definitely not a party drug. save em for a nice afternoon chilling with some great friends. and i would definitely suggest putting all the shrooms in a blender with some orange juice and dividing up that between everyone. me and 2 friends did this with 12g's and i was tripping balls for a good 6 or 7 hours.

    if you ever have to go home while on shrooms, try your very hardest to get your hands on some xanax. this will stop your trip, return your pupils to normal size, and you will be straight to deal with anything.
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    Shrooms are NOT a party drug. I'm sure you'll figure that out 1-2 hours after ingestion.

    EDIT: (Sorry, I posted that immediately. It looks like others have already told you the same. I'd keep mushrooms for a smaller event, with ONLY people you trust and feel comfortable around. The last thing you want is a bunch of random people in your face going "OMG YOU'RE ON SHROOMS? OMG LOOK AT THAT POSTER WHAT DO YOU SEE? OMG CAN YOU GET ME SOME? OMG ARE YOU SEEING SOME CRAZY SHIT? WOOOOSH, BAGOOOOOOSH *sound effects* OMG LOOK AT THE TV WHAT DO YOU SEE TELL ME WHAT YOU SEEEEEE!!!")
  19. I would just drink and smoke for the party
  20. Alrite seems like shrooms sucks for parties.

    I'll just go pick up some dank and grab some shrooms for hanging out later.

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