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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ctcoyote16, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. Ok, I have germed 12 seeds, and I am gonna eventually be planting all surviving ones.

    However, I dont want to have more than like 5 females (If I even get that).

    Thus, Any extras I want I figure I should sell. Since these plants arent anythig like WHite Widow or Sour Diesel, but were pretty dank stuff, I figure I\'ll call them a hybrid of Cali Orange and AK-47 to make them sound more appealing:rolleyes:

    My previous plants were started very healthy and looked amazing. Im pretty confident I can do the same thing again, so Here is my question;

    How much would you charge for the following (In american dollars):

    - 1 Healthy 1 Week old plant, no signs of sex yet

    - 1 Healthy Male plant, as old as it took me to figure out sex

    - 1 Healthy Female plant, only as old as it took me to figure out its sex

    If Spanish fly could respond in here, hopefully I will get a good answer. Ive seen him post around before that he\'s sold plants, so maybe he\'ll chime in

    Thanks to everyone that can help out
  2. I dont know how much stuff is but get a price and ill buy the female
  3. I buy clones at my local shop for $10-$12 dollars,or $30 for ones ready to flower (females) IM in CALI
  4. im in cali also and when i buy clones there all female(of course) and i see them range from $5-$15 per clone....the clones are still in veg state
  5. Yup mrnice that sounds about right (ZARQ)
  6. how can you buy clones in the U.S.? Legally?
  7. medical Cannabis to patients and caregivers under H & S Code 11362.5.,Have about 22 dispensaries in my area.

  8. Hey dude....just so ya know....can\'t talk about selling on the forums. Mods will probably either delete or edit your thread, to avoid future legal troubles for you or for the city.
  9. yea dont ask about selling stuff... only will cause more troubles for grasscity... not only that... but not like the 5$-15$ is worth even selling them for anyways haha...
  10. NO talk of selling and dealing, no matter what it is, read the rules guys.
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