Not sure what's wrong with my plant

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  1. Hello everyone this is my first time posting on this thread.

    This is my first real grow and everything was going good and all of a sudden I had this problem come up.

    My plant is a Auto amnesia

    I'm growing in a soilless mix with added perlite, worm castings and alfalfa meal.

    The Fertilizer I'm using is Neptune Harvest fish fertilizer 2-4-1 an Neptune Harvest seaweed 0-0-1.

    I started feeding the plant at week 4 when flowering started at half doses

    I am currently in week 7 the Leaf tips started drying up and growth slowed a little.

    My first thought was i nutrient burn the plant or over watered but im not sure. The reason I thought it was nutrient burn is this weeks feeding I went from half dose to a full of the seaweed.

    Let me know if anyone know whats wrong

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  2. I'd vote for over-fert causing early "lock out". My guess is that you are seeing the result of high ppm's in the soil as the alfalfa meal breaks down in conjunction with the liquid nutes. I personally never place amendments in my soil that have NPK values. (I only add microbes like VAM and micro-nutrients like Azomite)

    I'd back off the nutes for a bit and see what happens. Best of luck

  3. Hey thanks for the reply

    I just been giving it water I flushed yesterday heavy until the water came out clear. so I'm going to go to a straight ph balanced water for the next week or two.

    I will a update in a few days
  4. Man, I don't get nute burn based on what you're doing. Worm castings don't burn and I've never burned anything with Neptunes Harvest. It's just not hot enough, even at full strength. Have you been PHing your water? 5.5 to 6.5 is the sweet spot. Our well water generally comes in at 7 so I have to use PH down on it.
  5. There's alfalfa meal in the soil as well, hamjack. I still think it's just too hot and there's a synergistic thing going on between all the stuff he's put in/on them. Either way...with amendments in the soil....lonely may simply be along for the ride at this point. "Flushing" will only release more ferts. It's a vicious cycle. Live and learn.

    Good luck figuring it out, lonely
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  6. I added some kelp and ground malted barley to the auto I have going now and instantly got a bit of nute burn. It amazed me that a total of 3 tbls of organic matter could over heat a 12 gallon container... I missed the alfalfa meal in the OP.
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    My water ph is 6.5
  8. Thanks an ya im pretty much just going to ride it out. Just ph balanced water from here to harvest i guess lol
  9. Hey everyone little update on my plant.

    Well the browning and curling on the tips have slowed down a little still getting lower yellow leaves.

    I have just been giving it water when it needs it and that's it. I'm currently now in week 8 and according to where I got the seeds it's a 10 week plant. So should I let it go till week 11 and flush and harvest.

    I'm just going to keep my eye on it and make sure it doesn't get any worse

    This is how it looks now

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    Whoops didn't mean to post the same thing twice
  11. Your plant looks fine, you've gotten it this far and it'll finish without a problem. Regardless of what the seedbank says your plant will be ready for harvest when it's ready. You need a jewelers loupe or mircoscope to check the Trychs. If they're all clear it's not ready. If they're mostly cloudy with some amber the call is yours. The more amber the more "couch lock" effect.
  12. I have a microscope so I'll be keeping my eye on them. It will be ready when it's ready. Thats for sure lol

    Thanks for all the help and information I hope my next to grow gose better.
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