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  1. Ok, so I've been growing these two babies for about 5 weeks now, there in plastic party cups, in about 6-7 in. of potting soil (not sure of the ratio, will find out and repost). At first, the plant was doing just fine...then the little round leaves near the bottom began to yellow, and eventually dried out and fell off. Reading the forum here, I thought at first I might have been overwatering (my moisture test was to stick finger 1 in. down in soil). So I backed off on the water for a few days, with no improvement noticeable. As the days crept on, this routine or yellowing and drying out, travelled up my plant, and continued to hit my leaves. The plants are about 7 in. from the light source, which is a high-powered incon. light bulb, with a surrounding metal half-dome that reflects the light. I though since the incon. get pretty hot, it might be burning my leaves, so I moved it up about 2 1/2 ft from the plants for a week, still no change. The odd thing is, this plant is the only one showing any symptons, my other one seems to be doing just fine. I'm worried it's too late for this plant, but I wanted to get some advice before giving up. Any help/suggestions would be great. Here are some pics, the first being the hurt plant.

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  2. These two were started at the same time. They were from seeds I had saved up, so idk about gender or type. I'm a noob, and this is my first grow.

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  3. get rid of that bulb. the first pic looks like you heat stressed it. anyway, go get a compact flourescent bulb as close in as you can to a color temp of 6500K, and preferably, 60 watt or greater.
  4. What the hell is an incon bulb? Do what up4anything said and go get yourself a decent bulb. Also, the plant in pic 2 is ready to be re-planted into a bigger pot. Get some potting soil that is anything but Miricle Grow, Scotts, or Shultz.
  5. uuuuuuu, bad....

    first foto-too much water
    second foto-where is the light??!! u should use better lamp
  6. the pics were taken out of my grow space, so the light is obviously not there, and incon is short for incondescent. I have since purchased a CFL...check out the new pics...The first pic is my setup...the second and third pics are of the new CFL (with reflecting dome), the 4th pic is the plant that was sick, I removed the dead leaves, and it seems that the new light has quickened the growth of the leaves in the middle, and new leaves are popping out of the old locations, the last pic is the healthy plant, seems to be doing well.

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  7. your plants are rediculously stretched. You need more light and closer light.

    Go find yourself a FLourex lamp. They put out a shitload of light and they are cheap and a compact flourescent. They put out over 4500 lumens at a color temp of 6500K. They will also light up your whole backyard when you are growing plants with them. You can get two for under a hundred.

    If you can't find any near you, PM me and I'll hook you up.
  8. It is also time to transplant into bigger pots.
  9. lol feel free to hook me up. hahaha.

    plants need bigger pots.
  10. my thoughts exactly,,, soon as i read 5 wks. in a dixie cup,,,, you are proably so rootbound it aint funny,,,,repot repot repot repot repot:wave:
  11. send me a PM
  12. hey dude you could get 150 watss for home depot for 15 (light and bulb) very cheap also what week should you transplant I was thinkin week three or two help me out here
  13. When you transplant depends on what size pot you are using. If you start them in a dixie cup, I would say trasplant by week two. If you start in an 8" pot, transplant when plant is almost a foot tall. These are not written in stone of course because pot is very hardy and can get very root-bound before having any problems. I once had a two foot tall plant still in an 8" pot and while growth did slow, it did not die.
  14. you have a link to that light? I'd be interested.
  15. Looks Root bound too...
  16. I understand that my plants are rootbound, I however, being a newbie, do not know how to transplant these plants. I'm afraid of hurting them. Do I cut the cups with scissors?...HELP! Thanks to anyone who responds...
  17. Hi there, transplanting is simple but must be used with extreme care, if those are in a styrophome cup (too stoned to look) than its probly better to just cut the cup CAREFULLY tho, dont wanna hurt the roots. i always just get a small shovel(brain fart, forget the actual name lol) and just go around the outer layer, that way i make sure not to get the root. Goodluck! :smoking:
  18. i jus transplanted today, i filled my new pot with soil all the way up to the brim, with an empty replica pot in the soil, then the most important thing i would say is soil composition, u want to transplant when the soil is wet enough too stick together, but not so wet that it falls apart, then basically jus squeeze and work the pot until ur whole soil mass breaks free from the pot and throw ur big soil/root mass in the new pot, its easier than it seems, unfortunately with how much stretching you have your plants might not stand on their own in the new pot, things to try are holding them up with sticks and training them to stand on their own, also closer lights and fans help

    as for the 15$ HOME DEPOT LIGHTS i used to get them for 12$ and grow non-cannabis plants with the cheap white bulbs, anywya what the person was talking abotu is they have a cheap 4 foot double bulb shop light fixture, for under ten dollars and then u can buy the cool white bulbs (not reccomended) and cash out around 12$ for 150 watts, or buy the plant bulbs and get away with it for 15$
  19. Oh OK. That's definitely not what I was talking about. FLOUREX is a brand name of lights and bulbs. They kick ass and are well worth the low price you'll pay.

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