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    Well what up GC. Don't post much but tonight had an adventure.  Anyways, we and my friend C were deep in the woods, just blazin in his car.  We get out and notice some red necks driving (they were mudding).  Anyways we're chillin until we hear what is about seven gunshots. The whole time some lady was yelling "Oh God! Oh my God!" in a drunkish voice.  Me and C got the fuck outta there in the car not knowing wtf happened. What do you guys think? Dumb redneck shit or actually murder?

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    anythings possible, you can keep on eye on your local news(papers, gazettes, the local bee and whatnot) to see if anything pops up.
  3. youre in the woods. you hear gunshots. you hear a woman crying hysterically. id say someone got killed, you were right to get the fuck outta there. i saw something similar, wont bother typing out the story but it really makes you think.. shit stays with you.
  4. well if you heard her screaming in a clear voice she wasnt hit anywhere vital.

    more than likely somebody fired without her knowing prior and it scared her
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I'll look out in the news and update y'all

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