Not sure what to do with the seedling.

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  1. So I have my seedlings about 1 inch tall after germinating in rockwool, so far I havnt added any nutes and I'm wondering when I should and what kind? Also when should I put the seedling in my DWC system?
  2. You can add it to your system now the add a nute slolution at seedling rate 1/8-1/2 strength. I use AN PH ppm perfect myself get that if you can or use and of the top 3 GH 3 part Fox farm or Reg AN line. If you cant find those use a local brand I see you have your PH kit so use that daily if you dont have PH perfect until you get your grow room dialed in. The just raise your nute level as the plant grows instructions should be on the bottles or you can check the web site. Hope this helps out and enjoy your grow.
  3. Really I should transplant it now? And I have my nutrients for vegetation, I'll start at 1/8 strength for now. Another question tho; The roots haven't popped out of the rockwell yet so how do I know how deep to fill the 5 gallon bucket? I mean should it be touching the rockwool cube or what?

    Thanks for advice so far, very helpful :).
  4. YOu can wait till more roots sprout if you want but I like to get mine in it's new home ASAP to avoid trasnsplant shock but as long as you can see the tap root on the bottom of your rockwool you should be fine. Are you gonna put it into a bigger rockwool? You will need to put Hydroton or something else on the bottom of your net cup then the rockwool and fill with more hydroton to cover the rockwool. Never let your rockwool soak in the water at all at this satge. Just have the water below the bottm of your net cup so it sprays water whenbbles pop then when you see roots coming out you can lower the water level.
  5. Meant when bubbles pop I have 2 seedling at the same stage as you rite now and will post some pics of my BB when I get home from my fams thankgiving to help you get a better idea of what 2 do.
  6. Sounds good to me thanks again I can't wait to see em, have nice thanksgiving.
  7. looking good, i would go ahead and put it in your dwc system, and whatever your nutes say to add for seedlings, add about half that or a quarter, i add liquid seawead to mine when they just pop out of the shells and they seem to love it, im in the same spot your in right now hydrobusa. im going to make a thread here tonight or in the next few days, check it out. ill post pics and all that.
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    Here Are the pics of a few seeds I just germed and put into my DWC BB's
    and my second
    I usally use clones but this will be my first auto grow 1 Pineapple Express Auto and 1 La Diva Auto I got them free when I bought some other seeds so I said why not try them.
  9. I hope these pics help you out if you need more or have any ? feel free to let me know and i will follow your grow till the end to see the fruits of your labor.
  10. The attitude seed bank?

    And yes they definitely did I think I may have messed up a bit take a look.

    Should I have put more under my rockwool?

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  11. It needs more to cover any light leaks into your res. As for the nute schedule. NO nutes until she has her 3 sets of true leaves. Make sure the water is still keeping her roots moist. Don't fk with her a whole lot.
  12. I have already added 1/8 the recommended nutes to my reservoir, and I have about an inch worth the hydroton underneath my rockwool cube, should I have more under it or above?

    And thanks for the link.
  13. You may want to add more to the bottom so your girl is at the top with no light getting into your BB rez or alge will grow IMO I always like to add nutes but as zoomme said some pepole dont like to add nutes till the third week or third set of leaves. I like my plants to grow as fast a possible though. But check your rez it nothing is growing in ther dont really worry. Looking good though
  14. Fixed everything, can't thank you guys enough.

    Oh and Bossvegeta1 have you started that thread yet? If so post link I'd like to Check it out.

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  15. You got it perfect now I dont think I'll be doing an auto thread myself as I am very busy working 2 jobs but I will follow yours when I get some time off I'm going to do a scrog thread.
  16. Awesome, and I feel ya. Im a full time student with a full time job not much free time so no worries.
  17. It's still kicking.

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  18. Alright I'm getting burn marks on the seedlings and I'm not sure why. Take a look at the set up and plant and tell me what you think. Could it be the mirror in the closet, the light, or the nutes?

    Oh and the light in using is a 300 soft white CFL 2700k 4200 lumens.

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