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  1. I have 4 seedlings of a unknown type. I germinated using the paper towel method and every seed popped. I put them in one gallon smart pots with a generic soil that had microryzen (sp?) And they grew the first two jagged leaves. They we're a nice darkish green color. I am using a RO water that is pH to 6.5. I have a 600w LED (only 150 true watt grow light. The phlizon 600w.) It's in a cabinet that's about 18in wide x 4ft long. The cabinet is wrapped in mylar. There is a fan in the cabinet and the temperature is between 75-82 degrees and a humidity of 40-50%. The leaves are yellowing and some are getting brown spots. They are now two weeks old. 15 days exactly and they look the same as the 7 day old seedlings I have next to them. I'm not sure if it's over watering or light burn. I let the pots dry out for 3 days between adding roughly 1/3 cup of water. The light is on veg and bloom and is 12in away from the plants. The thermostat is on the pots so it's displaying what the light is hitting the plants at or as close as I could get. I'm not totally sure what the issue is. The leaves droop like overwatering, but the tips and leaves are turning brown or yellow. The two round leaves are yellow and the jagged ones are yellow and have brown spots and they just stopped growing

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  2. The soil is nature's creation. Potting soil, has perlite and a bunch of other stuff in it.
  3. Raise your light it should be 18''-24'' away. 12'' is kinda close, i noticed my LED's will make the leaves lighter if its to close. They will probably never get dark again but new growth should be normal.
  4. The main problem is the brown spots and that they seemed to have stowed growing. That plant is 15 days old. It's been that big for about 6-7 days
  5. The well the Cotyledon's are all burned to a crisp, they're what seedling live off of for the first little while, also the light green is probably due to the light being to close and it probably has a deficiency which could also could be why there is brown spots. Are these just bag seeds you got for free or did you buy these?

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  6. Bag seeds. Just trying to see what I can make out of them before I spend a few hundred on a seed bank
  7. Should I feed them nutes? I just moved the light to 24"
  8. Kinda young for nutes but i guess if you used 1/8th of a tsp or 3-4 drops of nutes and mix it in a liter bottle then feed them the normal amount just a little, then maybe they could handle it. 1/8th don't sound like much but it don't take much to burn a plant when its not ready. Does your soil have nutes?
  9. It doesn't say to my knowledge. It's organic potting soil with mycrorrhizal. Has compost and mushroom compost, molasses and stuff

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  10. At this point I'm just not sure why they stopped growing a week ago.
  11. I think they stopped growing because of the leaves that burned and its lacking nutrients. few drops of nutes in cups of water should be good.
  12. Thanks man. I added a few drops to some water and gave each plant about 1/3 cup
  13. So I have the fox farms trio and I added the liquid plant food to them and they are now growing a little. One is doing very well. Thanks for the advice

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