Not Sure What My Plant Is Supposed To Look Like (Indoor Grow)

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  1. I had germinated a seed on June 1st and planted it, and then two more on June 15th. So far they are all around 6 inches tall. They all look really healthy. But its been over a month and they look really small. I know they are growing because I'm seeing true leaves form but its growing at an extremely slow rate. My plants are under a 400W LED full spectrum light.

    I think I am doing something wrong but am unsure. Can anyone help me out? I am willing to show pictures if requested.
  2. Growing faster than mine did at first. More info pls. Ph, temps, soil or soiless (along with what brand), how often are you watering? And pics pls
  3. Are there any pics?

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  4. Here is what they look like now. The one on the left is the oldest and the other two were both the same. I have been watering them almost every other day. Once a week I give them a bit of nutrients. Ph is 7.5 Temp: 72-80F. For soil I just used regular topping soil but i plan to transfer them into a better soil. 20170723_210854.jpg 20170723_210902.jpg 20170723_210854.jpg 20170723_210902.jpg
  5. Lower that light!!!!! They are stretching!!
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  6. You might want to lower the ph as well. The optimal ph for soil is 6.0 to 6.8 for maximum nutrient uptake
  7. Didn't notice on the light, how close should it be to them?
  8. Try about 20 inches for now to be safe and SLOWLY lower it down until you see tighter node spacing how old are these plants?
  9. The one on the left is 8 weeks old, the other two are 6 weeks old.
  10. those are small for 6-8 weeks for sure you should change what you are doing .

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