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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm about 9 weeks into my first grow, I have Kryptonite from pyramid seeds, outdoor with plastic greenhouse, growing in pots with soil, living in Ireland.

    They're now about 3 foot tall now and no major problems except a few burnt tips lower down. My problem is basically that they are now half the height of the greenhouse and are touching each other as I topped them when they were about 4 weeks old. In Ireland 12/12 doesnt happen until late September and 14/10 around August, so I was considering force flowering them in mid July to avoid them getting way too big, should I force flower them and top them again to avoid height or will they really be ready to harvest by September as was said in the seed description and if I do leave it flower naturally, what is the best move to avoid them getting too tall. I basically dont have any room outwards and not much upwards.

    Thanks for any tips

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  2. if you force flower youre gonna have to make sure it gets 12/12 every night otherwise it will just flip back to veg and growth will be stunted but i guess thats not such a bad thing in your case lol, but youre plants will start flowering soon i am sure ive had plants go into flower with 15/9 outside because the days started getting shorter i think either way youll be alright but if youre super worried i would either top them or force flower
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  3. As they sit right now they are already to big for that little greenhouse.. when they start flowering they will stretch and double in height. Either get a bigger greenhouse or build a hoop house, there are some great cheap diy hoop house articles if you search google.

    If upsizing is not possible and they have to be contained to that greenhouse then they will have to be pruned down to probably half the height of the greenhouse because of the stretch and start light deprivation asap
  4. Plants are looking great by the way!
  5. correct me if im wrong you probably have your reasons but you could just leave them without the green house, its pretty clear so it doesnt look like youre trying to hide your plants
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  6. I would make a tarp for them so u can give them 11.5 hours of light each day and u will have weed 2 months sooner. In California we can get 4 harvest outdoors with a little indoor supplemental lighting during veg

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  7. Yeah width wise they are too big, the angle makes it look worse but they are just over half the height of the GH, I would move them outside as you said not many neighbors can see them and I got a frosted film like youd put on an office window so that's a bit of privacy, but the main concern about outside would be the smell when they are in flower, how strong would it be from 3 plants? I think the plan might be leave them another week or so and top them to half GH height and start force flowering then.

    a few questions;
    1. How bad will the smell be?
    2. If I top them again how much bushier will they get (cant afford any more outward growth)
    3. How soon before I start flowering them should I top them? A week? 2 days?

    Thanks for the advice from everyone
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  8. How much longer do you have over 12hrs sunlight. If they have time to recover you could top all the branches again. If you top again it will get pretty dam bushy. Every single branch will become 2 branches. Might be better off just ditching the GH. Once you’re in flower the plant will stretch you may end up with PM or bud rot with the lack of ventilation in the greenhouse.

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