Not sure what is up with my grow..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Robindean, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. S'okay I got two growing, it has been two or close to two weeks since germination.

    So is this about right for after two weeks?
    Their from shwag. Or bagseeds.
    Using Organic Soil, and a 100watt UVB bulb (Spare that was bought for my turtle light...i've had buddies use these before...altho lesser in heat, and well I know not optimal but these are more or less experiments)
    First plant:




    Keep em in the closet and keep em watered, and try to keep it 18/6
  2. youll be fine, dont over water. my first grow the stem was actually super curved, but as the plant got bigger, and stronger, it didnt matter. so dont worry.
  3. Alright, right now i'm not over watering, but only when the soil needs it.

    Hopefully in a couple more weeks or less their better lookin haha.
  4. Umm they are definitely stretching for light. They need more light.

    I don't know about using a turtle light...

    Get yourself a few CFLs and put them about 2-3 inches away

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