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Not sure what I just got sold

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chillestpenguin, Nov 22, 2014.

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  2. Seeing as how you explained it oh so perfect tly.
  3. I added some, first is the the bud that looks fine the second is that white stuff compared to the green
  4. Kinda hard to see but it's either orange hairs or the buds have dried out a bit to much. 
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    Ignore the strain name, you will really never know. From what I can see now, your bud looks a little moldy, especially the second pic. 
    Here is an example of mold on weed:
    You can try smoking the parts that are not brown, but I personally wouldn't risk it since smoking mold is terrible for you. 
  6. Alright thanks for the advice I just won't smoke that nug, but does the other bud look decent?
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    Thanks, Does this look okay to smoke I don't want to have just wasted 45 dollars,,T1L4rW5#0
  8. Np, and that batch does look a little better than the second, just try not to smoke the brown parts. 
  9. Try to take off the brown parts, if it goes down all the way to the center of the nug it could also be bud rot and that I wouldn't smoke. But if only a little bit if discolored rip it off and smoke the rest. also bring a scale when you by bud so you don't have to worry about getting ripped off weight wise. If the dealer doesn't want to let you weight it he is ripping you off and now you know to look for a new dealer.
  10. Anything I can say to my dealer if it turns out to be bud rot, I just spent all my money -_-
  11. Ill take a high quality pic of the bud to see if you guys think theres mold, I really want to smoke this but can't afford to get sick 
  12. Best pic I could get, I think its ok to smoke but i literally have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about
  13. "but whatever."
    [SIZE=13.3333330154419px]first pic looks like a bagoweed and 2nd pic looks like a cannabis vagina. [/SIZE]
  14. It does look like bud rot. Rip it off. Look for any other areas that are affected. Take them off. If you smoke it through a bong most contaminants are filtered through so you should be fine. AS for your dealer, either ask him for something to make up for that bit of bud rot. It might have been an accident you never know. If he/she says no find a new dealer if possible. As a grower myself I would never sell someone something I wouldn't put in my own body. Some people have no morals. 
  15. It's weed grind it up and smoke it.
  16. tbh I've probably smoked some mold before... whoops didn't know the shit blended in so well

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