Not sure what I did when I topped but check this out...(macro pics)

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    So I topped my 3 biggest a while back and i am getting all sorts of crazy growth from the main stem... are my 5...

    All of these cracked seeds were planted on December 24th. I am a newbie so any thoughts would be appreciated...




    The one below has around 5-6 new branches and seems to be seperating even more. I couldn't get them all seperated to show how many new growths there are....I am also already getting a bit of smell from it.

  2. You did the job right!! Topped or FIM'ed you should be happy!!:smoking:
  3. They all look really healthy (I mispoke earlier...the smallest was a seed that really didn't crack till a few days it's behind about a week and I think it has questionalble genetics.) These are free seeds sent to me a while back with an order....not sure what they are but it looks like all sativa except for the dark squatty one...

    This grow was really more of a test being as it's my first. Two things I really need to work on are germination and topping. Although I am figuring out that you can really fuck up topping and gets lots of new growth. They will shoot out as many new branches as they can as long as light, temp and nutes are in the right ranges.

    I am really hoping to my biggest 3 are female....I think I'm going to let the largest double in height then flower them.
  4. depending on where you cut. when you cut and how it looked after you cut depends on if you will get 2 or 4 new tops. good luck.

    if i were you i would look into low stress training to maintain a bushy plant. please read up on LST , its best bet when having 4 tops that way each top gets equal light instead of fighting for light.
  5. Yea I topped my plant about a week ago, and now theres so much new growth the leaves are overlapping. Shouldn't be much to worry about, my motto as a long time grower of other plants is to just let nature take its course, no one knows better than the plant about the plant.

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