Not sure if this is healthy (homemade bowl)

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  1. Hello, im new here on grasscity and im not sure if this is the place to discuss this but ill post it anyway :D

    You see, i recently bought a bong from my friend and it came with a stem and no bowl, so seeing as i had to make a bowl out of something i had only 1 option.

    A old rusty ratchet head (at least i believe thats what tool it goes to, maybe its a socket wrench i really have no idea), so before you start dogging me for my idiotic choice of a bowl i would like to state that i have a very limited financial and supply situation, so this was the best i could do(and also the bowl fit quite nicely into the stem and provided a nice look).

    Now onto my real question, could smoking out of this rusty bowl lead to any health problems? im not sure if you can get tetnus from smoking rust but you can never be to careful. add some input if you think you have an answer for me :).

    Again probably not the best idea but whats done is done and i cant unsmoke it. lol

    I would also like to add that at this point in time the rust is completely caked with resin and isnt even visible anymore, would it still be a problem even if i didnt scrape the resin off?
  2. idk if its safe but i wouldnt do it. i mean the socket is one thing. ive heard of alotta ppl using them but the rust is sketchy dude
  3. I can't go into the science of it, because i don't know about it, but I would guess the oxidization of the steel (i assume it's either sttel or iron if it has rust) makes it easier to heat to break it down, which in turn makes it easier for you to breathe in.

    not completely sure, but come one man, you should have at least gotten it off with some sandpaper, haha. Did you notice any funny tastes while smoking it? did the rust turn a different color?
  4. I honestly wouldn't risk inhaling that grime whether it's really bad for you or not. Just the thought of rust chunks mixing into the buds sounds mad sketchy. The water probably protects you from actual solid material from entering your lungs but I don't know what kind of chemicals mix with the smoke.

    A cheap slide is like 5 bills. If you can't afford $5 for a slide, then smoking rust is the least of your problems...

    (btw, how old are you? Why can't you just go to a close headshop?)
  5. Please tell me that wasn't really the question.. of course it's not healthy! haha

    You're already torturing your lungs enough as it is by sending burned plant matter into them. Why take it any further?

    Just buy a bowl!!!
  6. Why bother going out and buying a dry piece when he could probably get a slide for cheaper to use with a smoother, water cooled, bong? :rolleyes:
  8. Im 18 years old yes but i dont exactly have a mode of transportation at the moment or i would have just went to 7th heaven and bought a bong slide.

    And ya i know it was dumb to do but i just got the bong and wanted to smoke it badly lol, just instant gratifacation overrode my health temporarily.

    and to be honest i dont believe any of the rust came off upon smoking it, i didnt notice any odd tastes and the resin covered the sides in no time. so at the moment i dont believe any harm was done to me, and ill be sure to buy an actual bowl before i clean the resin off.
  9. You deserve this


    Use common sense next time. :confused_2:
  10. Last night i took the bowl cleaned it and sanded all the rust off with some sand paper i found, so the bowl is nice and shiney :) so no more miss haps with rust and ill most likely buy a bowl soon to. thanks for the sandpaper idea even though it was still difficult its better then the alternative.
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    I'd say immediately cease use of that rusty POS, and go to your local head shop and get a glass piece. Glass and glass only is the only way to go IMO. Anything else is harmful to your body. Plastic releases harmful vapors and can melt, metal is just not trustworthy in my book.

    If you've got $3, you can usually get yourself a basic piece for your bong. I know my local head shop has pieces starting at $3 for bongs. You said you're 18, go get a glass piece and stop using that harmful rusted piece. Take a bus or a taxi or something. I just strongly believe in using marijuana in the healthiest way possible. I'm even in the process of getting a vape.

    Attached is a picture of the piece I bought for $6. It's great and inexpensive.

    Also some food for thought, they usually tell people to get a tetanus shot when they get cut or whatever by rusted metal. Don't know if heating up the metal and inhaling it would be the same level of harm, but it's something to think about.

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  12. No its not healthy. Let me suggest something. Home Depot has small copper elbows and sink fixtures that you can eaisly make a bowl from that would be alot more healthy bow that what your using. And they only cost about 50 cents.

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