Not Sure if She Was Tweaking or Not

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  1. Okay, well I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that some of you remember my story about the gay crackhead whom I almost had to fight. And, man I swear to god, my little suburbian town is going to shit.

    So I met up with my friend Peter after school. I live on the same street as the building, so we walked over to my house and got my new four inch color-changing glass piece. Peter, who has some dank downtown hookups, brought a fat eighth of this stuff called Strawberry KO (Strawberry Jab x Hawaiian Punch). Anyway, we walked over to my back porch and smoked a nice bowl.

    Of course, cottonmouth soon set in so we made our way over to the CVS up the street for Arnold Palmers. :p

    On our way, we stealthily packed and smoked another nice bowl. A little side story that's kinda funny...

    We got to CVS and picked up four APs, walking over to the counter. I was baked out of my mind on that Knockout shit, and Peter was no better. I had two things in my hand: a 5 dollar bill to pay and a set of keys.

    Of course, I hand him the keys instead of the money, and to make it worse I kinda just held them out there for about 15 seconds while the clerk stared at me, before I actually handed him the money. Peter was just kinda chucklin behind me the whole time.

    We walk outside and down the street and we both open our plastic bags to crack open a half&half. In my bag, was a little bottle of Visine that the clerk must've realized I needed. It was a pretty funny situation that soon got weird. Anyway! back to the main story...

    Peter and I got to about half way down the street when we saw a lady (probs about 60 years old) with these huge glasses and long, scraggily (<--- word?) red hair. When she got within ten feet of us, she made a sharp turn into the street and started walking on the sidewalk of the other side... but she also did a complete 180 in the process, walking in the same direction as us now.

    We both looked over and then back at each other; the phrase 'what the fuck?' was surely whispered. The lady didn't walk like a normal person either. The best way I can describe it is a... strange, overaggressive, power walking. As Peter and I had our stereotypical high, slow walk goin on, she soon got ahead of us quite a bit.

    Once she was about 20 feet in front of us, she quickly crossed the street again. She kept the direction consistent this time, but this is the strangest part. She began her power walk regiment once more, but now she was lookin back all paranoid at us every like two steps.

    I'm not sure if she was a tripped out drug addict or just some deranged homely person, so we didn't really say much about it. We did, however, smoke the rest of the eighth:smoking:

    Tell me what you think, GC!
  2. Haha, i thought that was funny as hell about the visine.

    I remember i bought some visine once, and the dude at the counter was like You're retarded, your parents are still gonna know.

  3. Haha. My dad would know, because I'm about 99.5% sure he smokes weed, but my mom was basically retarded when it came to that shit.
  4. Lol @ the old lady.

    Lol @ that clerk.

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