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  1. I have to plants that are very close. The Mohan Ram has white strain in it and the other is Church. The hairs are almost half red. The trichs under both 25x and 40x mag are looking half clear and half milky. I have found literally about 6-12 individual ambering trichs on each plant. I'm trying to set up a macro photo but don't have it yet. Are these ready or should i give a few more days?:confused_2:
  2. At least another week. Dint rush now bro
  3. Flush them with nothing but water until the runoff becomes clear or as clear as you can get it. Then give them 1 more week and chop them.
  4. ^ these answer are good. Lol wait till most of the pistils are dead then check the trichomes
  5. Good deal guys!! Thanks. When I flush with water, should I just over do it for the whole week or do the 3x the amount thing to get the clear runoff that was mentioned above?
  6. Hi clint,
    What they've said^^^^ and ...
    I've read that either way is fine. With only a few grows under my belt I have tried it both ways with no appreciable difference. The drawback there is I've only got a few grows under my belt, your results may vary.
  7. it really depends on how much you feed, and what you feed.

    I know organic growers who just water from start to finish and never worry about a flush .But I also know chem hydro growers who start flushing 2 week B4 harvest.

    For most growers, pure water for the last week or two is all they do.
  8. Also be sure you have a place with very low humidity and ZERO light when you are drying them. If you try to dry them in a high humidity location you risk attracting mold on your lovely buds.
  9. I really take care not to over feed. I usually use fox farm or botanicare in a mix of FFOF and Happy Frog. The last time i fed was about a week ago and then water. So only water for the finish.:hello:
  10. Even if you think your a miser with the food, you'd be surprised to see how much water goes through the soil before runoff is clear.
  11. Yeah I remember on my last grow it took forever to get even the slightest of clear water running out of my pot. A lot more than 3x the potsize.
  12. I'm not sure if this is good but I usually use only 1/4 to 1/3 of recommened amts of food and this stuff grows well. My question I guess is, if you guys have had to use that much water, do you blast it all at once or a bunch over a few days. I mean do you just over water the hell out of it for the last week or so? This is my first decent grow and I'm stuck here.
  13. First grow, you wanna flush, why take the chance of hacking a lung out.

    flush her with 3-5 times the container size worth of H2O..this may take a bit if time ( commercials breaks during a game works well, I have found).

    after that water like normal ..just use H2O and no nutes.. but it will take bit before she need watering ( obviously ) then just keep water it when she is dry till you feel harvest is near.

    In your case , I'd flush today .. water next when dry"ish", then keep watering when dry till mid-end of next week, then stop till harvest on that weekend...maybe Monday ( that's if your trichs cooperate :eek: )
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    All at once. Or as much as she can take at once. Let it drain trough and hit her again. And again and again. Till runoff is clear

    Then she be heavy as hell put her back in room to finish. And she drinks up the rest in the next week or two.

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