Not sure if its nutrient lock out or not enough...see pics.

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  1. Hi everybody I just started using advanced jungle juice 3 part program also add some bud candy. Having problems dont know what it is hope yall can check it out. I use 1/3 to 2/3 the recommended amount of nutrients water PH range from 6.0 to 7.0 growing in 5 gallon bag w/happy frog medium - temps a bit high when light on at 84-86 degrees...its summer in southern california with A/C on inside home best its going to get for now.
    600w HPS cool hood- 3x3 tent-  week 6 flowering.  The buds seem like they arnt fully developed into fat nugs..this is my 2nd run with HPS.  Nutrient lock out or def. or heat? I still got 2.5 weeks of flower so dont know if im just trippin out..
    take a look at these pics tell me what you think..
    I veged too long and the tops are at about 15 to 5 inches to glass on cool hood w/fan ..but i cant go any higher maxed out
    Skywalker OG is what your looking at
      View attachment LEaf edges.BMP
    View attachment leaf tip close up.BMP
    View attachment LEAF w HAND.BMP
    View attachment OUTVIEW leaf.BMP


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