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Not sure if i like smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coldsk8er, May 16, 2010.

  1. I just started smoking about 2 months ago (because i had a tough breakup with my girlfriend and it took my mind off of her) but whenever i smoke im always thinking to myself this isn't that great or that its a waste of money or that im a dissapointment to my parents, i dont really know how to explain it but i just think to myself like theres better things i could be doing. so now i dont even need to do it because of my ex girlfriend. i just do it whenever im around people, like i cant say no if they are doing it. i havent gone two weeks without smoking since i started. i do like a few things about it like music sound AMAZING food tastes great and i kinda like time slowing down and everything being fun to do, last week i went home blazed and it was a great night just lying around eating and watching tv. so im not sure if i should quite or keep smoking :confused:
  2. Well you are saying there are things you like about smokin so if you want to keep feeling those things just keep on going. But if you trullythink you dnt want to smoke then don't don't force yourself into doing something you don't want to. If your going to do it enjoy it and stop thinking negative

    MJ only wants people who want her
  3. Thinking about you're problems when you're high is never a good idea. I was in your shoes a few months ago. Every time I would smoke, I would sit there and think about my problems and it seemed like things were 10x worse than they actually were. Bottom line is, if you're going to get high and think about your problems, well you might as well not get high because you can sit around and think about your problems sober right? Free your mind and just do things that you know you enjoy doing when your high.

    Weed makes you paranoid already and thinking about the issues in your life while your high will cause you to really unnecessarily beat yourself up.

  4. #4 IamHemper, May 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010 get highly critical of yourself. It's almost like a veil is lifted when you get high and you can really take a different look at your current situation or events that happened earlier. I get in a high like this occasionally. I think the criticism is amplified from the high but some of the feelings were buried somewhere. Just look at what information you are getting and try and make something positive from it.

    I would call this the "Have I met my age appropriate goals high"

    I even try and convince myself that getting high is not beneficial but that feeling wears off rapidly and I'm usually blazing the next day or so.

    Usually resulting in the "I love weed high" until another variant high comes along.
  5. It sounds to me like you have been brainwashed by society :smoking:
  6. Sounds like you have other problems unrelated to smoking. You should try to resolve them and once you are satisfied/happy with yourself as a person and where your life is going, start smoking again.
  7. sadly, this

    that feeling in your gut seems to be your conscious, and since you were raised by your parents who probably have a total misunderstanding of cannabis, which we can blame on the government, your conscious isnt perfect. but hey, we see the truth and sometimes they dont which is very frustrating, but you need to learn its okay to see things different than your parents, because they dont know everything. thats basically the same thing about society as well, our society DOES NOT KNOW what is best for us. our society is LARGELY RETARDED and the sooner you come to grips with this, the sooner you can live your life as a person and not a sheep.

    this is a pretty tough realization for everyone to deal with, but we basically have to at some point, and you seem to be at that point. regarding cannabis at least.
  8. Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

    Wait... what?

    Only YOU can decide if marijuana is beneficial to you.

  9. :smoking::smoking:

  10. ^ I agree 100%

    OP, it does sound like you have some other issues going on, but first and foremost - only smoke weed if you actually want to.

    Peer pressure is ridiculous - nobody can make you do anything you don't want to and I doubt anyone's holding a gun to your head making you smoke weed.

    Smoke because you enjoy it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a bowl.
  11. Yeah, it's all subconscious.. If you think there is something wrong with smoking weed because it's illegal or whatever, then when you smoke you might be feeling negative vibes and guilt.

    Use weed as a reward, do what you gotta do then when you want to relax reward yourself.
    If you realize there is nothing unethical about smoking, and you enjoy the feeling of being high.. Other people's thought on smoking weed should be irrelevant. If you don't enjoy the feeling of being high, or you're ditching priorities to sit around and smoke, maybe you shouldn't be smoking.

    People have been smoking since temples were built, people smoke weed everyday for medical purposes whether it be depression, sleep, anxiety, appetite, pain, or just recreation.
    Many of which are very successful people who live very active life styles, but it all comes down to YOU, not anyone else.

    Maybe you should watch "The Union".
  12. Dude you gotta be in the right frame of mind to enjoy anything. If you don't enjoy it then stop, or maybe just do it on occasion. No point toking for the sake oof toking.
  13. First, whenever I have talked with friends who dont do it, they seem to think I will think less of them If they dont do it. This is not the case. No stoner I know feels that way

    Second, you are still very new, and if you are smoking once every two weeks, that is just 4 times ever over two months. Even if it is that you said, at least once every two weeks that is 8 times ever, far less than almost everyone here. Not to mention we dont even have the same high as you do. Your high is very different than our highs are, as weed feels different after you have smoked it enough. Very noticeably different too. Not to the point where you dont recognize it anymore, but still there is a different "quality" to the high. one day you will think to yourself weed just isnt as awesome as it used to be. It may take 30-50 times or so, but it will happen. That being said, dont think you will think worse about it emotionally that may improve. But, weed definitely amplifies your feelings. Think about it this way, a negative number when multiplied by a positive number is an even more negative number. A positive times a positive is a positive. Weed is multiplying by a positive number in this sense. If you are neutral however, you will generally feel good as well. But when you are new you still have the feeling of doing something new, something you have likely thought is bad for a long time. It is especially bad for you. Starting weed over a break up is a bad idea, because you likely think about it every time you are high (subconsciously at least) and then you have that multiplication. People get used to it. My mom was really upset when she first found out and made a bunch of comments about me doing it, but she has come to terms with it and accepts it now. Not happily, but accepting it in the sense of "well thats just who my son is unfortunately" kind of thing. This is what will likely happen to you.

    But overall, if you dont like being high, dont smoke weed. It is stupid to do something and spend money on something you dont like.
  14. Your first mistake was to use a drug to make your problems seem to go away. Always a bad start to anything. Also, the herb is not for everyone. If you're being accurate in your portrayal of how it makes you feel just walk away and don't smoke it.

    There is also absolutely nothing wrong with not enjoying it. Like I said, it's not for everyone.
  15. You should never do any kind of drug to escape a problem. Because you will get high/drunk, maybe the problem will be off your mind for a bit, but then when you come back to reality the problem will there waiting for you. At that point you have a choice, do you deal with the problem, or do you just keep taking the drug to escape it.

    I know most people who smoke the herb or drink or do other drugs have at some point in their life done it to forget their worries for a few hours (I know I have) and you have to just take a step back and deal with the problem its self or risk getting into that pattern of constantly being high/drunk to escape the constant problems.

    Take a break, maybe come back to the herb when your in a better place. Good luck with what ever you decide.
  16. idk man we stoners are a dangerous group. Ill cut you dime bag!
  17. If it isn't that "great" then you're probably not burning the right kind or it's not high grade lol...
    as for the rest, it's all psychological bro. Think about it... if Coca-Cola was illegal and you liked it, and all you hear from the school & the TV, and the radio, and your parents was "anti-coca cola-propaganda", the next time you take a sip of it, you feel 'guilty'. I don't blame you for feeling that way lol, look at what your exposed to! The system's setup that way - its designed to try and make you feel like what you're doing is terrible so that you just end up being becoming another half-baked moron consuming all this garbage out of the bones of a dying world lol... if you think it's a waste of money it's because the TV has made your venerable mind believe that you should waste your money on irrelevant material shit instead... & by allowing yourself to feel that way, all your doing is proving me right! Don't let the system get into your head brother! Free your mind instead! :hello:

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  18. I know that I like it! :smoking:
  19. Money is just pieces of paper...
  20. Most of it isn't even that these days, it's electronic.

    However, money is a very real thing. It represents units of labor.

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