Not sure if I did LST correctly

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  1. First grow
    Nirvana auto northern lights
    2 100w cfl bulbs

    She was getting pretty tall so I tried to tie her down yesterday, this is the pic from yesterday, the main bud site is already pointing straight up again, ill post another pic later tn when my lights come on , did I tie her down correctly?

  2. 1380581512911.jpg

    Hows she lookin? Did I lst correctly?

  3. Go a bit deeper. All my plants that I half-assed LST'd didn't work out but the one I bent at 90* did work.
  4. Ok thanks man

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  5. yea id give it more of a bend try for that 90 mines growing sideways lol
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  7. There really is no "wrong" way to LST.
    The whole goal is to open up the canopy and you do this by pulling down and out on the stems.
    High Stress training involves actually rubbing a stem between your thumb and forefinger and then bending it over. This is a little more radical but achieves the same effect.
    If you want to LST, it is helpful to have this planned before the plant actually takes off and starts growing. That way you can get it while it is easy to manage.
  8. I pull my tops down as far as I can without breaking the plant.  Then after a few days, when the plant stem has adapted to that, I pull her down a little more.  That plant for instance, I would pull it down just below the top fan leaves untill the plant looks like an upside down "J".  Anytime I LST a plant, I go by the mindset that lower is better.  My current grow is well into flowering and starting to frost up.  She is about 10" high from the soil and 24" wide.

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