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    This is not an anti-weed topic even if it might seem one. I personally believe (even when drunk) that everyone should have the freedom to full use of their own body as long as it doesn't harm others.
    But this hype about sativa is something I don't get. Most cannabis users seem to prefer it because it's supposedly so euphoric, uplifting, and energetic. That's why I also chose sativa-dominant weed for my first highs. But I haven't had that euphoric and uplifting feeling, not even after I studied vaporizing teqhnicues to inhale vapor proberly. I still don't get that euphoric feeling, my mind still doesn't go to a another plane, I'm not filled with creativity and thought. Sativa doesn't seem to have even nearly as strong effect as it's supposed have.
    I often find weed users saying that alcohol has more one-sided effect, which doesn't make you think and doesn't make you euphoric, like sativa weed. Are theses people actually serious about this?  For over three weeks I've been trying get high from weed and I probably get high, but whenever I go back to alcohol, I'm super-energitic, I'm numb in a good way, my mind is filled with thoughts and I'm generally much more moody, be delightful, happy, depresssing (mood before drink determines that). 
    No matter how weed I use it doesn't have even nearly as strong effect. To me, it seems like alcohol really is far more powerful stimulant to brain that this so hyped "sativa weed" can be. It's like comparing a little push to a hammerblow.
    The strains I've tried are White Widow and ak47. At least ak47 is sativa dominent. With WW I'm not sure, could be either (supposedly it depends on how early you harvest). Both strain gave some me good feeling, some mindless giggling, sure, but still the better part seemed to to be more sedative, physical high, which was nice.
    So, did I do something wrong or was I expecting too much? Because I don't go to any wonderland no matter how much I use weed and every effect this sativa supposedly has is ten times stronger whenever I get blasted.
    So I decided to buy some indica-based weed (ak48), which hopefully gives this more intense, physical body high, because this "mind high" has been disappointingt so far.

  2. You won't hallucinate from smoking weed, on an average high you will get hungry, laugh for no reason, all your perceptions are increased (food tastes better, touch feels nicer, music sounds cooler, etc), you will have trouble with attention and less control of your body.
    On a mind-fucking high, you will have a hard time keeping your eyes open, everything seems to move, vision is fucked up (which is fun as fuck), you will laugh uncontrollably about ANYTHING and you will have trouble understanding what's going on around you.
    Don't expect any flying unicorns or wonderland though.
    Indicas are cool too, but sativas <3
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    Think about it like this.
    Angry people + booze = More potential anger
    Creative people + grass = More potential creativity
  4. Dude you arent smoking enough. Just keep smoking until you cant remember your name lol. Or try edibles which are strong as fuck.
  5. Sativa and indica are very similar because both of them get you stoned. There is not a huge difference, just a slight one. Sativas make me laugh and kind of trip out on things, where the indica just makes me gel out on a couch till I fall asleep. I can get munchies from both. And both can make me fall asleep, but the indica is stronger for sleep.
      Long term use of alcohol over long term use of weed is a tremendous difference. Weed saves lives as where alcohol will take it away.
    Alcohol impairs judgement almost to the point of insanity. I knew a drunk guy that sprained both of his ankles because he was so drunk, that he thought he locked himself inside his car and he kicked out the drivers side window along with the windsheild and the passenger side window. A stoned person would never do that I don't care how much you smoke.
    Don't read into the differences on sativa and indica too much. There isn't really that much of a difference.

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