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Not Sure About This Deal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brandon138, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Guy at volleyball court says hes selling Kush 25/g.

    Any comments? Iv heard on here not to go over 20/G
  2. Way to expensive.
  3. Depends on where you live. Where I am, definately no more than $20 a g, even $15 is a bit high but cause it's Kush, it might be worth it.

    I never buy in grams anyway so I'm not 100% sure
  4. In socal, it's not unheard of. I'll easily pay 30 a gram if it was potent, even though most people have probally not seen 30 a gram bud and will say 15 is too high....

    At 25 a gram, it better smell from 10 feet away, at 30 a gram it better smell in a air tight jar.
  5. kids dunno what they are talking about

    when it comes down to this it really all just depends

    'is it real kush'

    if its legit and depending on your area...and how well you know the dealer

    25 can be expected

    20 per g would be a standard price for kush or most danks but 25 is 5 more dollars so its up to the buyer....

    if you wanna go for it...your being charged about 5 over

    all you needa know
  6. In Connecticut Unnamed Dank is like 20 a G
    And the Exotics are like $25 - $30 so I would say go for it
  7. 20 a gram is standard price, so if it's some special shit you wanna try out why not throw down the extra five? I recommend buying in larger quantities though to save money...
  8. Fuck... only time i'd ever pay 25/g is if it was an exotic strain that i wanted to try out.

    Hell, i get 1/8ths of great bud for 25$

    I really wouldn't trust some random dude selling weed at the volleyball court, odds are he could be a cop, especially if he's broadcasting the fact that he's selling.
  9. Well I dont think he was even 18
  10. Hahahaha volleyball court thats sick i've always wanted to play beach volleyball blazed as fuck

  11. bahahahahahahahah

    idk where you are in CT but those are bullshit prices lol.

    I get dank around here for TOPS 20/gram

    I can get exotics, for about 260/zip
  12. Doesnt matter of hes 18 or not
    I know alot of younger dealers who are my boys like 16/17 who get bang shit and
    Exoctics and shit Age has nothing to do with connection

  13. No i meant him not being 18 means hes probably not a cop haha. Not that the stuff isnt legit
  14. Agreed, i'm only 19 and i deal part time. Most of my customers like my shit so much they quit spending there money at other dealers:D

    I also started dealing at the tender age of 16

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