Not sure about my feed having problems

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    HI need help badly

    i am growing 30 girls indoors under 600 watt hps. there about 5 weeks old. and abot 7 inches tall quite leafy. all sound good until i feed. i then get the yellowing. this covers part and sometimes all of a leaf. i havnt got pictures yet having trouble with that.

    i am feeding them a combination of three chemicals.

    1. biogrow 2ml per litre
    2. RHIZOTONIC 40ml per 10 litres
    3. supergrow think its 2ml per 4.5litres

    this is all put into the water stirred well and ph'd to 5.5 to 5.8

    i am feeding once per every 6 days or so. feeding quantity is 100ml. i am watering when needed probably every two days on average.watring is 200ml, which doesnt seem to over soak, seems to be about right i think. they are in the final large pots.

    so my question is , is the feed ok or am i using too much of a mix.

    what volume of feed and water is applicable. they are in 5litre pots. temp of room is between 24 - 26 degree c.

    please help. asap if possible.

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  2. not having any luck with anyone trying to help me. not one reply to my question . very sad
  3. Is cut back on the dose of nutes and see Wat happens man
  4. ya tried that feeding at around 30% of reccommended dose. still get a little of yellowing but not much. still not happy with that. really shouldnt be getting any yellowing. what you think
  5. Idk man it happened to me to o just kept going n it worked its way around
  6. I guess a good question is what ppm your water is? Maybe it's too high? Haha smoke

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