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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tokerExtremist, May 2, 2003.

  1. well guys either im not waiting long enough or my seeds arent sproutin they been germinated and have been in the pot under a light and arent sprouting like i said either im not waiting long enough or something is wrong ...
  2. a little tricked i taught myself...

    1... let the seeds germinate a bit longer... i'd say root about half and inch or so

    2... when you plant them... only submerge the root... leave the seed actually just on top of the soil... but make sure the root is completely submerged...

    3... if necessary I will actually pull the seed apart to expose the leaves

    although some will just be plain stubborn i found this works really well
  3. make sure its "moist" and a nice pussy. :)

    Put a plastic bag on to keep moisture in until they sprout.
  4. so ur saying i should put a plastic bag over my pot while their sprouting ...ok done.... now how many days do u think untill it willl sprout?
  5. mine took three days to germ.
  6. the light is un-needed, Think about it does a seed usualy grow on the surface? And if your using a normal lightbulb up close you may have cooked them im doing my first what i believe will be sucessfull grow,(my other grows were found my mom and dad, amazingly no punishment (when i was 14) because i was in it for the $$ and not to administer the drug to myself ;). )
    but i was given 3 seeds and put them behind my bros computer in a dish with a towel folded up many times and the seeds in the last fold. the computer keept the seeds at around 80-90* and 2 of the 3 sprouted within 4 days, the last one was a dud because i cracked it open to check and it was hollow. when i transplanted my first one i must have touche it in the wrong spot because it never grew it just stayed the same. I think it was because i transplanted it when it was only 2cm long and it wasnt ready. The second one i waited another week until it was 1" long dug the root hole deep and left the top hanging out like what skedastik said.
  7. ok so ur saying i shouldnt have the light on there when their about to be sprouting? jeese i fell stupid :(
  8. ive always kept my light on.... that is what encourages veg growth... as the root is growing in the soil the stem/leaves are turning inside the seed... by having the seed on the surface, but keeping the root under the soil, the stem/leaves can break free of the seed.. which sometimes i will have to break apart myself... then your stem/leaves will be exposed to the light and grow... this has just been a way that i have been able to increase my sprouting success rate
  9. the light generally just give the soil some heat.

    Just keep them in a warm area, and keep it moist, thus the plastic on top.

    I start mine between two wet paper towels. Once they sprout I put them in 10 ounce cups filled with moist soil and a zip lock bag over top. Usually 2-3 days max they sprout. I put mine on a window ledge if its sunny for warmth or next to my hot water heater, it throws some good heat.
  10. I start my seeds out in a pot. I make sure the pot stays moist and that it gets plenty of sunlight to keep it warm.
  11. only problem with starting in a pot is it takes up more room there you could have been sprouting 20 in the same space. But as long as you get the good stuff at the end of all the hard work its all good ;)

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