Not so sweet valentines day

Discussion in 'General' started by getupstandup, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Damn yesterday started out good but ended horribly-i had plans to meet up with my girl later that night so i had a good bit of time to kill-me and my friend went out to the bar and had a couple rounds of lager and we played some pool-when we went down to his house to do some shots this motherfuckerends up gettin into a fist fight with his dad so his pop kicked me out-then i go down to my other friends house and they were having a lttle party so i chilled out and drank for a little-still waiting til my girl got off work-then this one motherfucker started talkin shit-that just put me over the edge so i got up and cracked the shit outta him-it was funny cause when i hit him he went down -i looked at him and his eyes were racing around like what just happend- a couple minutes later i talked to him and said sorry cause i didnt expect that shit to happen like it did-after i made peace with my boy it was time to enjoy the rest of the day with my girl-im walking towards her house and outta nowhere fucking red and blue lights are flashing everywhere-i ended up having to spend the night in a cell down at the station-its bullshit i gotta pay these dumbass citations and try to patch things up with my girl
  2. Damn bro, that sucks :(

    My Valentines fuck up was placing 4 orders of Mochi ice cream balls from a local Japanese restaurant, forgetting that each order comes with 2 balls (hah). So, I ended up having to pay $22 for 8 Red Bean Mochi balls, but what the hell, they are fucking delicious.
  3. that sucks man couldn't think of a worse way to spend valentines day then in a cell
  4. My valentines was perfect. I was single, still am single, and a few girls asked if I was single.

    I got high in my garage with a few friends, how valentines should be; friends and bongs.
  5. Spending my birthday, Christmas, and even Thanksgiving in a jail cell would be better than having a girlfriend cheat on Valentine's day. :(
  6. damn man that sucks

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