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Not So Seasonal In This Department lmao

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lo0n3yL00nz, May 28, 2009.

  1. just made a ball of QWISO and dont know how to smoke it in a bong or pipe? i know how to use the cup on a table but that doesnt apeal to me lol any help would be appreciated
  2. yo bro where in toronto ar eyou?
    got msn?
  3. I like to put a metal screen in the bong slide, cover it with a light layer of ash, and add a tiny chunk: equals a snap pretty munch. Dont torch it though, kinda hover the lighter over it and let it start to bubble.
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    I'll usually make a nice layer of buds (aka a "green screen"), and try to place the hash, kief, oil, earwax, honeybud, or any other concentrate that I'm smoking on top of it, in the middle (especially for full melt hashes/oils/earwaxes, so it melts onto the buds). Glass screens work for regular hash and kief (metal screens do, too, but smoking metal sucks), but not any concentrate that fully melts.

    Some people like to pack a layer of buds, then pack the concentrate, then pack another layer of buds (aka a "sandwich").

    EDIT: This is all in a glass bowl/bubbler/bong/whatever, but my favorite is out of my 2ft GonG. :smoking:
  5. thanks for the idea.. i have a 2 foot gong maybe i should do a bit in that haha
  6. if you have a pipe, def use it, savor the qwiso taste. but to tell you the truth my fave is using a measuring cup, safety pin, matchbook and the edge of a table.
    set up the matchbook so that the safety pin can poke thru and lay upwards. then put the hash on the tip of pin, light, cover with measuring cup, move it towards the edge of a table and suck out the hit from under the cup, but dont lift it.
    *first hit hash this way about 6 years ago in Den Haag, NL with my stepdad.

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