not really sure what to do about this guy...any help?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. once again, I turn to my kind friends at the city for some advice..

    heres the situation..this guy hangs out at my work everyday, for hours on end. sometimes inside, sometimes outside. I got the impression that he liked me a bit ago, when he seemed to literally hang out right where Id be ALL the time, then verified that he may, when my coworker friends teased me about him liking me. I also found out he never hangs around that much when Im not working. I have no interest in him, I dont have any interest in being a friends with him, hanging out with him, etc...I find him kind of annoying, the creepy stalker weird guy, not somone who Id be friends with! But! he is always hanging around! it really erks me now! I dont want to be mean about anything, thats not me, and I usually am ok with everyone I meet, this is why this is wierd for me...the thing is, I stopped by the bar on his 21st birthday for like a half hour, bought a shot for him, I think maybe one of the 2 he had that night, and made his year by doing that. that was all good and cool, but now like I said, it made his year and now hes googling over me even more. after a very horrible day at work today he said to me, what are you doing this weekend, me and my dad are going bowling...and I think he muttered out the words if, you..
    so he obviously wants to do something with me. he obviously likes me. here is the thing. he is in a wheelchair. I dont know what happened to him, all I know is his legs arent useable. I have no idea how to handle this situation. I dont want to seem like Im saying no because of the situation, I feel thats how it will look. I dont want him to think that either. thats not it at all. sometimes when hes bothering me at work I want to say something (I give hints when Im a little busy or erked, so maybe he would just relax for a little bit) but I feel bad even thinking that..he doenst bother (hang around) other people at work like he does me, everyone really likes him. I would too, lol, if he wasnt up my butt all the time. he is a nice, kind person. I dont want to get the wrong point across but I do want to let him know Im not interested. I guess I know what Im going to do, but its been bothering me since I got home from work and I know im going to see him tomorrow. its a weird situation, one Ive never been in before, I hope I explained this right and came off right. I just really dont know what to do.
  2. Hey Sensi!!!

    I see your dilemma. I'm a true believer in being straight up with people about things. However, maybe not so much in this case if you are concerned about his feelings. Of course, he's still just a guy despite his handicap. One thing that I know for sure is that no one with a handicap of any kind likes special treatment. Does he know whether or not you are interested in anyone? If he doesn't, then you could tell him that you're interested in a specific person or something to the effect. You could tell him you just met someone cool that you really dig. Or you could just tell him that you're getting over someone and don't want to hang out with anyone else right now. I mean, technically, you are. You could tell him that you have one hell of a busy life and don't have time to just "hang out".

    Whatever you do, I know will be fine. You're cool like that. Good luck with it. I wish I had the perfect solution for you but I don't.
  3. wow doll sounds like you got a real psyco on your hands....

    dident anyone ever tell you not to pet the dog unless you want it to follow you home ....

    and never ever feed it!!(you bought him a drink)unless you want him to hang arround forever...

    a guy i once worked with told me ...when you meet a girl and your know ....fuck.....

    never ever hit the spot !!!unless you want her to keep comeing back!!

    so i guess what im saying is you are ither gonna have to be mean to get rid of him....

    that or just tell him you only like pussy!
    and he cant help you there!!
  4. C'mon now Sensi, you know the answer to this one!

    Honesty! Tell him that you just don't think that he's your type, and if he uses the wheelchair ploy on you, which is a copout, call him on it. Just tell him the chair don't enter into it at all. If he wants to use his chair as an excuse then he has a bigger problem than not being able to walk.

    Nasty sounding?

    It does'nt have to be.
  5. I'd have to say he's a physco in a wheelchair..

    :smoking: :smoke:
  6. Yeah, forget all of my nonsense and go with Smokinokie on this one.

  7. I must agree with Smokie as well!
  8. regardless of what kind of equiptment it takes him to get arround .....

    he still lacks the one peice of equiptment he would need to be sensi's type!!!

    or should i say he has the one peice of equiptment she doesent want!!!

    it doesnot matter which guy it is he ant got it!

  9. true!

    thanks all you guys. I guess what it was I was wound up from a tough day with a thousand things running through my mind and then THIS. this guy really bugs me. and just for the fact that when I think about it, and him, everyone talks about him how chill, cool he is, but I see a side of him that IS there IN fact (which I doubted myself about) (he kind of is ignorant to others, about the fact that hes wheelin around and he thinks that people should watch out and walk on eggshells for him)
    lol, rmjl, see I was gonna cop out at first, but being true like smokinokie :) said is so right.
    I didnt want to bring up the fact that he aint my thing, cause no one at work knows. but im so on edge with all of coming out, its ridiculous. if this pushes my buttons to be like yo, boy, you aint my thing..then so be it. its the right time. lol, cause I KNOW it coming SOON. maybe tomorrow afternoon will be it!!
    tha'd be so cool!!! :)
    well I sooooo apperciate you guys for helping clear my head :) ;) I love coming here to do that! thanks.
    ill for sure let you know how it turns out. IM SURE ill see him tomorrow. LOL.

  10. LOL zia :) yeah see, I think thats what it is, a lil crush for him. MY BAD for buying the dude (and his non motor chaired twin brother) a shot for the 21st. I thought it was just nice to do, not signing a certified stalker license.

    yeah who knows what Ill be feeling when he sees me tomorrow. you know feelings, gotta play them by the moment without thinking at all..:)! lol, should be interesting. maybe Ill pull the Queen of spades on his ass and thatll be that. lol
  11. good luck sensi!

    that happened to me once too....except my hopeless loser wasnt in a wheelchair...

    he asked me out too and I said yes b/c he freaked me out and i didnt know just how crazy he was. anyway, it was the best thing I could have done, he never spoke to me again after I said yes...very strange, but just the outcome I wanted
  12. i was going to say cop out and say you're seeing someone else, but smokin' and everyone else is way more right.

    just be up front with him. hell once he stops stalking you you might end up being friends, or running into him so what's the point of making up a false love interest?

    i have a hard time being firm with people like that, wheelchair-bound or not. i just can't be firm and say "sorry dude you're not my type" or etc. i usually just start taking different routes to work, or, hey just quit the job! ;) j/k

    but good luck in your situation! <3

  13. LOL!

    trouble! now I gotta get through today with that lingering, more like taking over my head today!!!!! (not like I dont think about it everyday, but today, God knows!!!!!) :)

    ok im off soon! LOL now that I think about it we had about 4,5 inches of snow, maybe I wont see him..thatll be the day. hes probably got a mini snow plow on that thing. if he does, Im quiting. ill say that right now. then Ive seen too much, and its time to go. lol..

    this should be interesting. talk to you all later tonight :)

  14. First off, I agree with everyone here, Smoky should tell him that you are not interested. That is what Smoky siad, that he would tell him to bug off for you.

    Second I disagree with Dingus's statement here. When you get weak in the hips, you get strenght in your lips. Maybe this dude may have the equipment then to rock Sensi's world.

    Maybe you should just tell him the truth, that he doesn't do anything for you except be a good and weird freaky friend.

    here is a story that happened to me one time.

    I was riding with some friends of mine one time when I was younger. We pull into a gas station and he's pumpig gas. A car pulls up besides us and there are two hot girls inside. I strike up a converstion with the passenger because, like you all know here, I'm this Casanova kind of guy. Well we talk for a while and she is just very fine on the eyes. I'm way out of my league but she is just the most friendliest person in the world. I get the nerve up and ask her out for a date. She doesn't hesitate a bit and agrees to go out with me the next night.

    Well, the next night I show up at her house and her dad meets me at the front door. He is just shaking my hand, telling me how happy he is to meet me, etc, etc. Really starting to freak me out because how nice he is. He tells me that my date and her mom and back in her bedroom getting ready. Well, her mom comes out and she is beaming like a cat that ate the canary. I'm really starting to get nervous because usually parents aren't this nice to me. Then here comes my date out from the back. Nice and pretty and hot just like I rememebered but there's one little thing, she's in a wheelchair! OMG! I was stunned. I never picked up on it that the girl was whellchair bound, I just talked to her while she sat in the car and I didn't know what to do.

    The dad hands me the keys to his van and starts to wheel her out the door. Mom is telling us kids to have fun and I am stunned. this girl is still cute but I don't know what to do with a girl in a wheel chair. I know people can't help to be handicapped but my gang of buddies will come up with some kind of nickname for me the rest of my life if they see me out with this girl.

    Well we get her loaded up in her famil'y van and we start cruising town. we listen to the tunes on the radio and I take her to the Sonic Drive-in so she doesn't have to get out. we have fun just the two of us and I even go by the bootlegegrs to get her some wine coolers. (very popular in the 80's)

    It's getting close to 10:00 and I'm thinking its time to end this party. I ask her if she is ready to go home. She answers NO! She wanted to go out to the quarry where we all hang out to go drinking and smoking and making out. I drive her out there and she is putting the wine collers dwon. When wwe get there she is all over me kissing and hugging and tugging at my clothes. I finally calm her down and she point blank asks me to get naked and to fuck!. OMFG! am I really going to have sex with a girl in a wheel chair. She tells me that she is about to bust loose for some sex and would I please help her out. Not to cull much in my life I finally agree.

    She instructs me that the only way we can do it is if I use this harness contraption to tie her legs up in the air. I do what I have to do and we get it on. Looking back now, it was some realy hot sex!!! We finish up and I help her get all straightend out. I drive her family's van home and there is her mom and dad waiting for us at the front door. I help her back in the house, she gives me a pek on the cheek and we say goodbye. THEN her old man walks me to my car(65 Mustang in horrible shape) and he shakes my hand and say thanks for taking my daughter out. OMFG! I feel like a shit head, I take this man's daughter out and bang her and he thanks me!!!. Then I look down and there is a $20 bill, he pays me for taking this girl out.

    I ask him what's this $20 for and he replies "Most of the guys just leave her tied up in the bcak of the van when they cme home":D

    *sorry for the bad and tasteless joke, :D*
  15. So how much money were you taking in back in the day with this chick BPP? HUH?

    Sensi, Tell him the truth.

    Grab one of the other girls where you work and plant a million dollar kiss on her in front of him. Then act like you are the horniest person alive. Talk about what you and that girl is gonna do after work! LOL
  16. Poppa, you are BADDDDDDDD!!!!!! That was funny but you're still bad. ;)

    Bud Head, Sensi isn't out at work...of course, that would be an interesting way to take care of both situations!
  17. LMAO BPP!!! that was greatly tasteless and hella funny!

    WELL. interesting day at work. of course he was there when I got there. no surprise. when it got dark, he told me he was leaving...I just acted like eh, not thinking twice about anything. I just said alright, Ill catch you later. I didnt want to bring anything up for sure. he follwed me around for about 20min before he said goodbye again, and left! I was kind of surprised he didnt say anything to me, but then again not so surprised..he *may* have gotten an idea that I wasnt interested! wow! so he isnt as clueless as I took him for! i could tell he was thinking of saying something, kind of waiting maybe for me to say something, but hell to that! I wasnt saying anything if I didnt have to! if he did though, I wouldve went with the just not interested deal. I wouldve LOVED to grab on of my girly coworkers and planted one on her though! LOL but yeah, im not out to them..
    which brings me to what on of the girls said to me. today we got into some pretty fun conversations, about hair down there, and just joking around a lot about sex, wantnot..and she goes something like, 'yeah we know though you dont like the balls..!' took me by surprise! lol and earlier she made a comment about how im not on the dick. LOL, people sure do make assumptions without knowing for real! I think I give off vibes eventhough Im not aware I do...OH WELL :) Im just looking foward to the day when I feel comfortable enough to be out 169% to everyone. until then, Ill keep my little smirk smirkin :p

    so Im off for the weekend and I wont get to see my man until monday morning. aw damn. :/ I dont know how Im going to get through the next two days!

  18. drugs...
  19. give him like a bowl and tell him to go away..please. lol

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