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Not Really New To This But Still Got A Few Questions After Having A Bad Expreience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ashgill, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Hey guys
    so to make this short il cliff it...
    -been smoking green since i was 16
    -took syntheic sh it last year really bad trip.....
    -smoked a dozen or so times since then
    -about half those times i get a strong paranoid feeling pretty much like a this cant be real life feeling...
    -love to smoke green though so many fun memories and good times on it....
    -havnt smoked for 6-7 months
    -last smoke had a fat joint all to myself never smoked one before whole, smoked that btch hit me lik 15mins later freaked out calld mate to come calm me down...
    -want to start smoking again but dont want to get that paranoid feeling....
    i was thinking if i buy a $20 bag and a bong or a pipe and just take little hits at home by myself so i can build up my tolerance again i could overcome this paranoia feeling....would that work???
    i just want to be able to smoke like i used to before without getting paranoid and shit....just  wondering is paranoia caused because of low mj tolerance or just my mind set??

  2. btw
    if there is like a beginner guide to smoking bud on this forum could some one kindly link it would really appreicate thank you
  3. I would recommend exactly what you already had an idea of. Just start out small! When people get that paranoia, they're usually higher than they want to be in the first place. I think part of it has to do with tolerance and getting too high, but as with most mind-altering chemicals it truly is about your mindset and setting. 
    Buy a glass bowl and pack one hit at a time. Wait for 10 minutes, see how you feel. If you can handle more, take more! Easy as that. I wouldn't go bong quite yet because that high can creep up on you. And while toking, just realize that this is what THC does to you, this is what is supposed to happen. There is nobody out to get you, nothing can hurt you or will hurt you.

    What my friend does (when using psychadelics) is write "OK" in sharpie on the palm of his hand. It helps him remember that everything happening is normal and there's nothing to worry about.
  4. Yes that sounds good. Jst gotta take smaller hits:unsure:

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  5. smoke a sativa 
  6. I think you mean indica...sativas typically have more THC in them which is the active chemical that stimulates the mind and paranoia is oftentimes the side effect. Indicas tend to have more CBD in them which is the active chemical that stimulates the physical effects such as pain relief and relaxation of the muscles, it also combats the paranoia effects.
  7. I used to be a huge sketch ball also when I started smoking. Then I realized the whole reason of why I smoke and why most people do. They smoke to calm down have fun relax and have no worries. If you get paranoid just tell yourself you shouldn't be. Kick back and listen to some music and let yourself drift away in it. Weed is fun but if you get scared all the time it's not. Tell yourself you'll be okay and you will be
  8. stop tryna act all smart, sativas give you more of an active up beat high you can function with. indicas give you the stoney lazy effect. know from experience before you try to sound intelligent  
  9. LOL, I'm not acting buddy, I am because I know from experience and I do my research,besides, what you just said doesnt contradict what I said so in actuality your'e agreeing with me :)...thanks for your 2 cents.
  10. You should not smoke weed. Stay sober.
  11. #11 Bamboobam, Jun 21, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2013
    That happened simply because of the synthetic shit. That shit could of killed you man. My bf and I tried that one time and we got high within 3 seconds and I was like wtf, something's not right. After that, I looked it up and it's true. NEVER use that shit again! Luckily, it didn't affect my boyfriend and I since we only took one puff of it. Maybe it's best for you to lay off the weed for a while and get your head straight. or try smoking a small joint instead of using the bong and taking heavy hits.
  12. I think what you should do is start off small. Find a place where you feel safe and relaxed. Make sure there is no time constraint,ect. Put on your favorite music and get some good food. Smoke a bowl and see how you feel after it. Dont over smoke if you havnt been smoking regularly in the past while. 
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