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Not really feeling "High" anymore?..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by salt life, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So i've been smoking for about 3-4 months on kind of a regular basis. Around 2-3 times a week depending on if I have herb or not. Recently I haven't really been getting high anymore, I know what being high is and how it feels like but I haven't been feeling that at all recently.. The most I ever feel nowadays is being a little spacey and chill, nothing near being high. I want to feel high again and i'm not sure what to do. So i'm asking you guys to give me any help on what to do to feel high again! Thanks
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    Why do I feel like I've already posted a reply to this thread? And where did it go? o_o

    Edit: Uh... here it is:

    Why'd you post the same thread twice? Especially when you already got an answer? o.o Oh well, guess I'll just copy and paste what I said to the last one since you decided to copy and paste the same question:

    If you're really only smoking 2-3 times a week, then.. that's pretty strange, unless you're smoking ridiculous amounts at those times (which you shouldn't be, because it won't get you any higher, it'll just boost your tolerance after a certain point)

    If you're smoking more often than that, not so strange, haha. Tolerance sucks.

    Try taking a t-break for a few weeks and then smoking again, you'll get blitzed. :)

    Oh, and remember... you probably won't be getting that very first feeling back ever again, but you should definitely at least know you're high haha.

    Could also be the person you buy from giving you shit weed, who knows?
  3. get better weed or take a tolerance break
  4. Just need better weed.
  5. If you only smoke a couple times a week it probably isn't tolerance it's probably shit weed.
  6. different methods, different strains
  7. ^^^this^^^

    I smoke 24/7 and still get high, oil vape sends me to the moon. It's all about the quality of what you're smoking. (and methods, strains)
  8. Smoke more.
  9. Yeah I think thats it but I forgot to add, I smoked with my brother yesterday and we both smoked the same weed. But he said he was high but I wasn't.. He was using his homemade bong while I was using my pipe. I took two bowls of my pipe and 3 good bong rips to the dome and still wasn't feeling good. I think it's the weed but it's happened around 1-3 times where he's been high and I haven't in the past week.
  10. change up the strain
  11. Change the bud or the way u smokin it
  12. This may be it. Was smoking strawberry go for a few weeks and then switched to master kush and its all good now.
  13. DIRT WEED! finding good weed is an art. learn it bro. learn how to identify good dank ass green by color, smell, and texture. :smoke:

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