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Not really an apprentice here, but

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jamanoid, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I thought this might be an appropriate place to ask this question.

    I usually get some great green, and have seldom had any problems.
    I know how to identify quality points, I'm aware that smell isn't everything though it can be an indicator.
    I know about trichs.
    I know how things ought to feel in terms of give and moisture levels.

    Today I picked up some bud.
    Usual supplier.
    It was just crap really. Relatively no smell, more like dried grass clippings.
    The buds themselves were very hard, and very dry. VERY very dry, to the point you could snap them off their inner stem.

    Now I don't think that anything has been added.
    I don't think it's been pulled early.
    But I think something dodgy may have gone on with the drying process, or worse still I have heard about ways to extract the THC from bud leaving them relatively empty of it.

    I've not yet tried it, but I think one of the aforementioned problems may be in play here.
    I could be wrong, it could just be very very dry.

    Is there any way to test something to see if it's been sapped?
    Is there any other possibilities, and what should I check for and how?

    Thank you ppl, it's very unusual for me to have encountered problematic or poor quality weed at all.
  2. Easiest way to test it would be to smoke some. And if you feel nothing see if you can bring it back to your dealer.
  3. if you like it, Ive got about a half pound of buds ive ran BHO with. ill hook ya up! lol
  4. I've had DANK, with relatively no smell, maybe a little tinge of pine. VERY cured where it would break to dust if you squished it with your nails. Moderate amount of trich's. Conclusion, it was very dank. :smoking:

  5. Odds are your buggin out....

    I dont think its bud that has been stripped....

    Buds that are not stored properly will dry DRY DRY!

    Once I had a fresh bud in the start of the week in a slide ziplock bag and it was super fresh and smelling.

    By the end of the week it had no Oder, and was dry REAL DRY!

    So the lesson here is, keep your shit in a mason jar to keep it fresh....maybe your boy had a hole in the bag who knows but the air has gotten to it i know that...

    Dont worry its still smokeable if u dont want it ill take it lol

  6. Smoke it up and see how it burns. If it's kinda harsh and really smokey, it's just really dry. That's how the stuff is that I currently have.
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