not really a story but does anyone here hate their family or members of it??

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  1. i think i really hate my family...not because im "overreacting" to something that isolated incident type of deal...

    its really just the a collection of shit thats happened over time.

    for example i hate a sibling of mine who's having a graduation soon (college). i prefer to not have to see them/talk to them let alone spend multiple hrs just to watch their ceremony.

    same goes for my parents...i cant stand them either to be quite honest...i just think they're lousy parents...if you can call them that.

    i have much closer bonds with other members of my fam but my immediate fam = hate.

    im really considering NOT showing up. idk why but something tells me i "have to" much rather send a card saying, " go fuck urself then pull it out and suck that dick bitch".

    thats more where im at right now...

    why should i go??

    0r why shouldn't i??
  2. Wow. What a buzz kill.
  3. I fucking hate my ignorant parents and my older brother is annoying as shit...

    Now I love them because theyre my family and my parents pay for my food/car/futurecollege/etc and I'm grateful that they do this.... But they piss me the fuck off
  4. i think its really important that they know you feel this way... sometimes people can just be straight up oblivious
  5. I don't really like my mom, she's a raging alcoholic, hates gays (one of my sisters is a lesbian), blacks, non-christians (me), the 17 years I lived with her were miserable, she was just a mean person.

    Oh, and she stabbed me with a kitchen knife. Yeaaaaa.
    She down with the herb, but is to crazy to be around:confused:
  6. my sister is ridiculous.

    she has an issue with going into both mine and my mom's room to take clothes without asking.. what really chaps my ass is if she'd just ASK to borrow them i'd say yes. i finally got sick of it and put a lock on my door..i kept one key and gave the other to my mom. i was gone for a weekend and my mom caught her in my room.. she rooted around my moms purse to find her keys so she could get the one to my room and go in. she got her phone and computer taken away for a week but that's nothing.

    what really pisses me off now is SHE'S STILL BREAKING INTO MY ROOM WHEN I'M NOT HOME.
    i come home from being at my boyfriends for a weekend and she has somehow gotten in and taken my clothes. when i ask to have them back i get a dumb ass look and something along the lines of "what are you talking about, i don't have your clothes".. and yet 3/4 of the time i'll have to look through her laundry basket and lo and behold, there they are. it's not just my clothes, she goes through all my stuff.. i have absolutely no privacy.

    i'm so frustrated that she's still getting in here somehow and i don't know what to do anymore. she doesn't listen to my mom and my step-dad thinks it's some sort of funny joke and doesn't do a thing. i think it's stupid i had to put a lock on my room in the first place to keep her out and she's still being sneaky and breaking in.
  7. Honestly, the only thing I have to say to this is.. FUCK YOU.
    How rude can you be? Wahhhh your brother is annoying. Boo fucking hoo. Insulting your family because you have some little beef is so disrespectful that you cannot fathom my anger. My brother, and father used to beat me daily raging alcoholism, no college funds, no cars, no help, no SHIT. Then you have the nerve to come on here talking about you can't spend a few hours to watch your brother graduate cause he "bothers you" lmfao. Calling your parents "lousy" is so rude I would have just had an abortion if I were them. Get a fucking life you cunt.:mad::mad::mad:

  8. You know what I fucking hate? People who think they have a worse life than everyone else so they bitch that nobody else has the right to feel upset. You may have had a shitty life but that DOESN'T mean that everybody else's life is rainbows and flowers and skittles and happiness! You say that the OP is just bitching because they "have some little beef" when they didn't even mention what's going on! How do you know that their home life is/was worse than yours? And even if it wasn't "worse" to you, why are they not allowed to say that they're going through a hard time but you are? What if you started the same thread the OP did and someone posted what you said?? You'd feel like absolute shit, huh? Jesus, just because your life has been hard doesn't mean you're allowed to say everyone else is just a whiney "cunt".
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  9. I think you should go, and then send that card.
  10. I HATE my parents. I could give a shit if they died today.
  11. It doesn't matter if they've been the biggest pieces of shit to you your entire childhood, you cannot HATE the people that gave you life.

    That is a fact.
  12. wow I can see disliking your extended family, but unless it was something really bad they did to you you cant hate your parents. :(
  13. I can tell theres alot of teenagers in this thread haha..

    "I hate my parents"

    Wtf man..
  14. I know man, family is something a lot of people take for granted. Me? I don't have much of a family. In fact, my immediate family consists of only 1 other person.

  15. I disagree. I think you can appreciate the fact that they gave you life, and you can love that they did that in a biological sense of the word, but I think it is possible to hate your parents. It's all circumstantial, and I think it's unfair to say that no matter what the situation you can't feel a certain way, because everyone has individual experiences.
  16. This thread is what one might dub "full of fail"
  17. My bro can be a prick but i dont hate my family
  18. My cousin...when i was like 7 or 8 they would yell out pussy or dick or cum ect.. They even made me take shrooms without knowing... they used to called me a faggot and a bitch, they used to wrestle with me but roughly like actually hit me until my uncle on my other side of the family found out and threatin to kill them....then both sides of my family like hate eachother now. but if had to choose between the two sides id sister and brother they finally got away from it all and moved to cali. when i get enough money im going there
  19. I don't believe you have an obligation to "love" or care about your parents or siblings. Maybe in an evolutionary sense it might be a good thing, but our minds have progressed to a point where we are not slaves to the evolutionary process. Yes my parents fed me and took care of me, but that was their legal, biological, and moral imperative to do so. I did not ask to be born and they accepted the obligation and responsibility for caring for me when they decided to have me. In my case, that duty is really all they did, and I still don't feel any real reason to have to have any feelings beyond simple appreciation for that act. My siblings too I don't feel I have any obligation to. The fact that they came from the same parents as myself does not mean that I have to like them as people or care about them to any special degree. I wish I had the stronger family bonds that some people do, and I know that to some extent I could be considered also at fault for this state of affairs, but really it's just the way things are and I can deal with that.

    This part basically turned into a long ass vent. Sorry.

    I don't "hate" my parents or my family, but I certainly do not really feel any love or connection to them. My parents never really did anything more than provide me with food, shelter, transportation, and other necessities. That was really the extent of our relationship. There was no communication and they didn't work to try to foster any. They were honestly the last people I would have ever talked to if I had any type of problem, and I never felt enough trust to talk to them about even minor issues. Every single opinion I expressed contrary to theirs' was greeted with "That's absolutely ridiculous/do you realize how stupid you are?/how could you possibly think that?" It was all judgment, they never stopped to consider anything from my point of view.

    When they first found out I smoked they gave me the whole "you've broken our trust and relationship" thing but I honestly simply did not care because I never felt that there was any trust or relationship to break. Although I think we here would all agree that herb isn't something to get all worked up about, it must be pretty terrible as a parent to not be able to trust your child, but in my opinion not being able to trust your child doesn't even matter if your child doesn't trust you as parents.

    My mom was worse than my dad in terms of her judgmental attitude, but my dad had his irrationally bigoted views about a lot of things but I would still never dare to talk to him about any of it. He was the kind who always listened to conservative talk radio and swallowed pretty much all of it. I always felt that I had to somewhat hide who I really was from my parents for fear of them not accepting me. My mother accused me of lying to my girlfriend and being fake with her because of how I acted so nice and happy around her which was in such stark contrast to the surly, short-tempered manner in how used to treat my mother. I told her that it was because my girlfriend accepted me for who I was and because I really liked and cared about her that I could be my real happy self around her. That went well.

    I simply don't feel any connection to any of my siblings. I was a musician and the oldest. Both of my brothers basically devoted their entire lives to their baseball playing. One of my sisters danced, and the other didn't really do much at all. I really shared nothing in common with any of them, not musical tastes, no hobbies, nothing. They were all typical mainstream crowd following kids and I wasn't. The older of my younger brother was one of those obnoxious kids who equated acting like a jackass with being funny and was also extremely arrogant. My sister who danced is still one of the worst human beings I have ever met. Infinitely conceited, narcissistic, cruel, rude, superficial, materialistic, entirely heartless. The way she would treat my mother was disgusting. I do not actively wish harm on any person, but she has pushed me very close. I feel deeply sorry for the fool who decides to marry her.

    So no I don't hate my parents or any members of my family. I do feel that my parents somewhat failed in raising me and fostering a relationship with me, and I hope to have learned from their mistakes and to do better if I ever decide to have kids. I simply didn't really care for my siblings just as some people we just don't care for and decide not to be friends with. That's really all. They just aren't the types of people I care to associate myself with. No animosity, just nothing.
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  20. It's possible to hate your fam, sure. But don't burn the bridge. I have problems with those in my family, I have problems with my father and my mother, my brother. The other one's I don't have problems with most likely because I don't see them much. I don't hate any of them, there my family, and even if I am mad as hell at one,I still love them.

    If you've got reasons for disliking or hating your fam, more power to ya, but just be fore warned that family is supposed to be the people that are there for you no matter what. Don't burn the bridge unless they start the fire and you can't put it out.

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