Not quite ready yet, or what?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Aloysius, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. This is obviously outdoors. It has been flowering for about 8 weeks. I don't have a microscope, and won't be able to obtain one for about a week.
    I have no idea what the species is.

    What say you???

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  2. grab a 60x-100x microscope from radioshack.. there only like 12 bucks max.... look at your trichomes... if they are half cloudy and half amber your going to wanna chop her down...

    ... but it does look like you still have some new growth... maybe one of the more seasoned veterans wanna touch on this....
  3. Not quite....Not long now tho;)
  4. the easiest way to tell without getting a little microscope is when the hairs on the buds are all 50% to 80% auburn or golden orange for best potency. yours still look like hey have a week or two left though so try not to pick early. REMEMBER TO CURE for the best high and taste. i suggest with a lemon after a few days but whatever u want really.:smoke:
  5. See'n a lot of is it done yet post.
    gone'n be a good year! :hello:
  6. Agreed, lots of fat white hairs yet. I'd say at least a week.

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