Not Purple Bud, Nore is it cold!! Why Purple, Fungus, Early Sign Of Bud Rot?

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  1. How you doing folks, im in some need of some real help, my outside girls "all sexed" are all just now starting to flower, pre flowers on some.. 2 to 3 weeks ago i notice on one plant inbetween shoots there was a purple like color forming, in quite a bit of shoots all that plant as a mater of fact.. over the next couple days i started to check the rest of the plants top to bottum and notice that its on them as well, not all are as bad as the first but i can see more and more everyday.. I know some will say its a good thing being purple and all but im going to list a couple variables why i think its not and im looking for any info at all that u can give me, biggest fear beginning of bud rot even before then start to bud, i did my research on here and ordered Greencure just in case if anyone knows what this is well this work?.. here are the variables that im talking about, this is my first post im hoping im doing all right let me know if im not..

    -Live in New York, not humid much at all maybe couple days out the month if at all
    -there has been a heat wave for weeks thou but not that humid and diff not wet, creeks all over county are almost dry
    -has not been cold at night to bring the purple on..
    -about 4 or 5 different strains, came from a mixed bag, diff not all purple bud if any at all..

    here are the pics, please help with any experiance?? \t\t\t\t\t\t

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  2. It is budrot you have, but is actually Botrytis Cinerea, and it is unusual that it's in the young leaves, to my blog and read it up, I'm thinking it's a location and immediate environment thing ..

    I'd be looking for the mother load of spores around or upwind from your grow, see if you can improve the ventilation and sun exposure at the site.

    Although Greencure will knock it out?? better to find the cause.

  3. thank you thank you, you wont believe this or maybe you will ;) i posted the same message on 3 other forums, i agreed that it was a form of mold or fungus "bud rot" etc but all i got was lack nutrients at best cal and mag?. i didnt post it but the surrounding foliage "not cannabis" is covered in purple spots, common disease if u will in other plants, wasnt sure about cannabis and that fact its not spotted.. but semingly spreading as it please's crawling up leaves and stems, do you recommend moving the plants for there all in pots or killing any surrounding foliage, cannabis itself has plenty of room in between themselves but other foliage is quit dense.. its hard to move 15 potted plants at this stage of growth there all getting quite big, pointless to not move them if im not going to have any buds if it takes over thou.. if i kept up on greencure, took down surrounding trees brush etc ventilation sun.. do you think i can have an chance without moving?
  4. I once read a book on says under direct threat... then to DISPERSE. Keep a couple of plants at 2-3 different, but safe locations, as you may never know what may happen come the next long rain storm and high humidity's

  5. doesnt look like bud rot to me.. Looks identical to this pages picture of phosphorus lockout from cool temps... scrolll way down you will find it..

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