not pron? how far can you get?

Discussion in 'General' started by realdealz28, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. what a crazy game... i was recently showed this and can only get to level 8! wow so much to do and gets super hard quick!:D
  2. i cant get to 2
  3. im stuck at 4
    cool game lol

    i think i figured out 4 but im too tired now

    damn 140+ levels WTF
  4. can somebody tell me how to do this shit?
  5. level to is so hard
  6. unless it was just to change the level2 at the top change the 2 to a 3:D ?
  7. how the fuck
  8. they're kinda like riddles guys. look for clues in the pictures and at starting at 4, you need to start using google and other programs.
  9. i see you got it, it gets much harder as you go as you must use the source page, don't forget to look at the URL too, they all give away secrets,

    you must figure out a user name and password after a certain level:D
  10. I'm stuck on 3 right now. This is confusing as all hell.

  11. i dont get it, im stuck at lvl 2.. some1 tell me the password lol. and do we just like type it in or wat...? fuck im confused
  12. *cough* Look at the finger pointing up. Notice the URL? What comes after "levle2" :rolleyes:

  13. see, i figured it out, it just won't let me type it in once i'm in the game, need i reload the page and type it in from level 1?
  14. you damn BUDdy and his friends got to level 80 one time....i through shit at the computer said fuck it... maybe someday, figured I show everyone the crazy little game though, pretty interesting for the first couple of HOURS!:D
  15. i hate this im at 3 and im so confused, what does the flashing sentance say?

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