Not pissed, but really disappointed in my dealer

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  1. A few days ago I was blazing with my dealer/friend who I only see and buy from every so often. He was discussing how he was going to buy an oz from someone we know who happens to be a good friend of mine.

    I advise him not to because the bud isn't the best (not mids just not headies) and she's selling it cheaper because of that reason. Today, I buy a quarter from him and its the exact chronic I told him not to buy. I wouldn't even be annoyed but I paid $20 more than I would've if I got it from the person he did.

    Fucking lame rite? I know some people would be like why'd ya buy it? and all that, but he's still friend of mine and he dropped it off and he fronted me last week so I didn't wana get all butt hurt about it haha.
  2. hmm. I guess bro. you dont have to commit yourself to a dealer though. you can say no and go to the source yourself
  3. Yeah man if you noticed it was the same stuff you could buy for cheaper why not just say No and go to the girl. Or you could have waited till either one of them picked up something better?
  4. yeah I would have called him out and been like no thanks i'll get it from the same place you did for cheaper.
  5. Its messed up, I agree. But that's how business works man. If you go through the middle guy you're gonna have to pay more.
  6. Why are you really dissapointed in your dealer? Its his bud to purchase or not purchase, its up to him.

    And of course your going to pay more when you go through another middle man. Thats the cost of business, he's not doing this for free or just to break even.
  7. Today I learned how money is made, I are sad
  8. That's capitalism, son! *lights cigar, adjusts eye monocle, twirls mustache*
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    Disappointed in him because of our conversation a few days earlier. I told him it was cheaper and not worth buying. If someone told me that I wouldn't sell them that weed because I know they wouldn't be interested.

    Like I said, I could've denied him right there on the spot but $20 isn't worth straining out a friendship over imo.
  10. Thats life for ya!

    Next time you should call him out on it...
  11. What kinda dealer only buys an oz?

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