Not new, just coming back.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by The Dumb Out, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Ive been coming here since 2004, I might take a break every now and then, but this is the best damn forum on the internet PERIOD.

    Been gettin asked if Im me... of course I am me. clowns! lol.

    Dont know me? Google Diamond Rasta or put it in youtube or here in the search.

    [You should see some of the footage i have haha]
  2. Wait...your Diamond Rasta.

  3. haha yeah, didnt u just get a volcano? thats why i told u to bring it over here! ((unless that wasnt you, but i think it was...))
  4. Well, Durban did. It's pretty nice. But I could come over anyway. :p.

    How do we REALLY know you're DR? :confused:
  5. Yeah, how do we believe the hype? Milk shots, kill hits, anything?
  6. If i new were meh cam was this would be pretty easy. lol ehh. i dunno. its me!

    p.s.- i still aint seen anyone cuttin meh killhits TO DATE.
  7. The tat settled it.
  8. Hey Diamond man...

    What's up with the name-change? LoL

    You been doin' alright?
  9. i cant log into my other name so ehh... u know. lol
  10. That sucks, bro.

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