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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ganjaphish, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm back. I thought I'd introduce myself again since so many people are new I don't recognize alot of you! <3

    I am glad to see Grasscity going insane. Ok I'm Lara, I'm 25 and live in California, where I love to be. Ya'all can check out my livejournal if you want, I have spent most of my extra time being a dork on there lately in case you wondered where I went LOL.

    I ama huge music enthusiast, my boyfriend (Phishhead) and I spend the majority of our extra money (other than weed $) on concerts of all sorts. Music is, well, my life.

    I am a big ass dork, you can ask RMJL she fucking knows!!
    I miss Grasscity and am going to try to come around here more often MMK?

  2. ganjaphish,

    Glad you made it back to the City!! I've been wondering what ever happened to ya. Good to hear that you're okay... Stick around this time girl!! :)
  3. haha awesome, i absolutely plan to :) hope you're doin' well indiana :D
  4. welcome back sweetness. Stick around when ya can
  5. hey cool ganja's back
  6. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet ganjaphish!!!! i missed yea ;) gooood to see you back!!!!!!

    Hey what's up there! I was gonna take a pic of my cat and then I was like "oh wait, she already did that!"
  8. haha vatoloco there's always room for more cats! :D xo~
  9. welcome need to start some good music out...Sid
  10. Hey Ganja girl!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I've missed you, my fellow dork!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hell yeah, she's a SUPERDORK!!!! She rocks, too!

    Seriously, I'm glad you're back. I'm going to crank up some Zep and smoke a big ass bowl for you, right now!!!!!!

    ::::doing the I'm-happy-Ganjaphish-is-back dance:::::

  11. HIGH All, aaaahhhhhh ganjaphish!!!!!! Wondering where you two have been. Good to see you around ganjaphish, maybe we could see more of you guys here this year.
    Checked out your LiveJournal and thought it was excellent...keep having fun that's what's it All about.
  12. Hey you, youve been missed, welcome back i will load you a bowl.. :)


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