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Not my PIPE!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Panhead, Mar 4, 2001.

  1. High every one

    I was smokin a fatty when it came to me..Everyone has a story to tell..Here is mine.. :D :D :D

    Last summer me an the wife went to the lake to go walleye fishing.{great taisting fish}Any how as you all know, you can't go fishing without a couple of FATTY'S or a few bowl loads.. :D Well as me and the wife are fishing,a RANGER aproached me from behind..I had my pipe sitting right next to my tackle box..I had been puffing an fishing..Anyhow I had no idea he was behind me till he spoke up..I had no time to hide shit!!So he asked me for ID an license..No problem I told him..As I was getting ID out , he said..About that pipe there on the ground. I will give you 2 options. I can call the sheriff to arrest you or you can throw the pipe in the lake..{Damn I thought}An I through that pipe as hard an as far as I could..He says do you got more in your car, an I said NO!! {I lied}He had me empty my pockets..As I did this I through my car keys down an they landed in my tackle box..{I'm quite upset at this time, but polite.}So he finally leaves..I told the wife lets get out of here..So we picked everything up an went to the car..Now if things weren't bad enough, they were going to get worse..

    I put everything in the trunk or the car an shut the trunk lid..Then it hit me..My keys..they are still in the tackle box an I put that in the trunk..{ Now I have bypassed UPSET..I'm FREAKEN PISSED OFF}Keys in trunk an pipe in the lake..I ask my wife for her Keys..After a few moments of her searching in her {SUITCASE LOL}She says..I don't got them..{You just know I wanted to hear that..}
    Now I'm thinking how in the hell do I get out of this..We are on far side of lake an nobody around..{not even the ranger, now that I need HELP..LOL}. Wa LA it came to me..I had jumper cables in the back seat..{I didn't lock doors at least , so we could get in the car..Any how I popped the electric trunck swith out of the dash an popped open the hood..I then took those cables an connected them to the battery an jumped my trunk open..{Pretty smart HUH?..}So we were able to get out of there an smoke a fatty an put it in the past...

    Story not done yet..

    We went back 3 months later an the lake was low..I stood were I through the pipe an tried to calculate where it went..Sure enough I got to the spot an looked in about 1 foot of water an seen some silver color..Reached down an there it was..Can you believe that?? Its a big lake too..So I got it back..Couldn't be used though..water ruined it..Stay cool an I hope you like the story..Tell your story.. :D :D :D

    [ March 05, 2001: Message edited by: Panhead ]
  2. I have a fishing story too.

    I was out by the pond in our naborhood smoking from a joint laying down in the grass watching the water when my friend andrew came by with fishing stuff and so we were talking and he was haveing some bad luck fishing so I took my roach form the joint and put it on the hook. and he cought a big damn fish! true story too.
  3. last month i was out by the school tennis courts and i was smoking out of a home made pipe that was being passed around when i got the stupid idea to egg the school. so we drove to dearbergs and bought hella eggs and we all took positions around the school and egged it. it was funny as hell and every one of us got cought.
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  4. post a pic of the pipe if you kept it after finding it (i would of ) cool story to tell the fellow stoners.
  5. Dude this thread is 6 years old
  6. omg i didnt look at the date but i never delete pics off my comp...
  7. whoa twilight zone-ish...
  8. how did it get to the top of the forums then ? i didnt dig it up...
  9. did you see it in the similar threads thing at the bottom of thread pages?
  10. Panhead(if you are still around which I am doubtful of), I have to tell you something. That quote in your sig "Life is what happens while you're busy making otehr plans," is actually from something John Lennon said. I don't like it when people take other people's credit.

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