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not my first time but weird feeling when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by twinkles198, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. okay so first of all, this HAS happend to me a few times before and I don't really get what this is.
    I smoked this past weekend with my friend which was all good and suddenly my mouth was super dry, and then I was feeling my lips and I lost all feeling in lips mouth and then it hit me, I went numb everywhere I couldn't feel my legs or anything my heart was racing and I felt like it wasn't real life. when I put a cold water bottle up to my face i felt normal for a while but then it came back. and then my friend started freaking out to me it seemed like it was same as I felt. i think I freaked her out. I then started feeling everything, the walls, the carpet, blankets, ect.
    I eventually went to sleep and woke up and felt normal again

    I'm not sure what this is but it scares me to smoke again. like am I having an anxiety attack or am I just freaking myself out?
    has this happend to anyone else please help lol

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  2. I think you were blazeeedddd, dry mouth is.normal

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
    It's all in your head. when you smoke, just focus on the high and not what's going on with your body.
    and anybody, amateur or otherwise, knows that cannabis causes 'cotton mouth,' also  known as dry mouth.
    just have some water or tea or soda (whatever you drink) nearby you and sip on it.
    maybe you shouldn't smoke a lot all at once because it seems you over-thought everything and lost some of your high moments to anxiety.
    yup. normal. if you smoke weed and don't get the slightest bit of dry mouth than I'm not sure what you are smoking. haha.
  4. you simply smoked too much. use less next time
  5. it was really weird though because I wasn't thinking about it I just realized I had cotton mouth and then my whole mouth went numb so was it because I realized my mouth was dry? lol

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