Not Much of a Drinker?

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  1. A lot of my friends drink, I drink every here and there but it's not really my thing. I don't condone in it as much as my friends do. I consider myself a reefer guy, I prefer my weed over alcohol anyday.

    I mean I am fine with playing a couple rounds of beer pong and getting a buzz here and there but once the liquor is busted out I just don't really want to drink it because I feel gross and horrible afterwards. I remember I drank 1800 tequila, and my god I was to drunk, puked and couldn't even stand properly. Worst feeling ever.

    I have friends I toke with, but some of my friends do not smoke and really hate it. Like they won't even hit the blunt once thats how bad. So, with all this being said, it brings me to ask a question.

    You guys as smokers, drink more or less then you do smoke cannabis?
  2. I drink more because it's more fun.
  3. Definately blaze more, but odly enough im drunk right now.
  4. Smoke all day everyday.
  5. i smoke erryday and weed is the priority but i will get smashed whenever the home boys are partying
  6. usually i drink more cause most of the people i know drink more than smoke.

    but when im home during the summer and only know a few people here i tend to smoke more

    should have made this thread a poll
  7. Smoke more. But I usually have some drinks on weekends. I was on a binge-drinking-spree for a while, but I started slowing down when my body started feeling like shizzz. Moderation is key. Or just get black out once or twice a month.
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    I probably drink more than i smoke lately cause alcohol>weed for me at the moment.
  9. Yeah smoke weed so much more than alcohol. The only thing good about alcohol is it's anxiety reduction in my opinion, like you've already mentioned there are just so many negatives to drinking, I almost always regret something I did or said when I've been drinking.
    I like my conciousness so weed>alcohol all day.
  10. drinking sucks. its disgusting. but i drank after smoking weed one time and it was very relaxing.
  11. I haven't smoked in months and being that I just turned 21 in January obviously I drink more. And unless you just straight up don't like the effects of alcohol, once you learn to properly drink you'll never start to hate it. I hate taking shots or cheap booze and chugging cheap beers. But I love sippin on a decent glass of liquor or sipping on a few bottles of high abv brews. But if I go both at once I can't drink too much or I'll get the spins and just not enjoy the effects. If I drink for socialization five shots seems to be the perfect amount. I can smoke any amount after that and feel fine.
  12. Each have their place. I think drinking is funner usually so I drink more. Plus its cheaper
  13. I smoke every day, throughout the day. I drink occasionally. Usually when I drink, nothing happens, I just cop a buzz and pass out. Sometimes though, I go on a crazy tirade across the city screaming at hookers and egging people out of car windows and pushing people in wheelchairs out into traffic and giving people bad directions to places and god knows what else. So normally I just don't drink at all, just in case because I never know when that type of behavior might show up.
  14. Plus, being drunk is almost the same every time... Weed doesn't really get me that high anymore.
  15. I prefer cannabis over alcohol. I'm just a social drinker, at a party or social gathering I might have 1 or 2 drinks, mainly to make me more sociable because I'm very introverted. However, I've been drunk a handful of times and didn't like it much. I like having control over my body, being able to remember what happened the night before, and proper judgement to know what I should and shouldn't say. Whether I'm funnier and a more appealing person when I'm stoned or tipsy, is hard to say.

    Also I don't find hangovers enjoyable, and I hate the part where you throw up inevitably after drinking too much.
  16. I almost never drink anymore. I love me a nip of whiskey or the occasional beer, but I only pretty much have 'a drink' if I'm out

    there's no need when you have mj :smoke:
  17. No one drinks for the taste...
  18. Social drinker too
  19. I gave up booze entirely.

  20. I drink solely for the taste most of the time...
    I like the taste of most alcohols

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