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Not Meant To Smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mgm92, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking on and off for about 4 years. There have been times where I've smoked everyday for as long as 5 months and there have been times when I've gone without bud for 5 months. But no matter what I always get high off of 3 or 4 hits. I know I should be appreciative of my low tolerance, but it's hard to control getting too high when there's not much range. It also sucks bc I can't socially smoke how I'd like to. And whenever I smoke I always get so tired and quiet. I'm not sure if it's just bc I am tired or it's bc I'm so high I don't realize how quiet I'm being. Regardless it is inevitable I will have to sleep within a few hrs of smoking (which also doesn't allow me to socially smoke much). I know some will say to start smoking sativa strains but I'm younger and the dealers around here don't seem to know much about the shit they're getting. What are some of the most common sativa strains I could ask around for? And I must have gotten a couple sativa strains chances are with the amount of times I've picked up, and I don't remember never not being tired. Also I'm not sure if this has anything to do with but naturally I'm a very anxious person, when I smoke I don't get paranoid it chills me out, so I like it, but I feel like other people don't like how I act.

  2. You seem like more of a smoke at night before bed alone stoner, or a smoke in the morning by yourself stoner. 

    Try smoking alone more often and not with other people, and try practicing on social skills while high. It's a must have. 

    There are tons of people who smoke and like to keep to themselves, it's not a problem. You are just not meant to be a social stoner. Just stone alone or with people you are comfortable with. If that doesn't work and you still don't like how things are going, then fuck it, quit the herb it isn't a big deal. Plenty of other things to enjoy in life. 
  3. Lol... Exactly the same here! However it kinda changes when I'm at a party with a few beers and THEN smoke... Then I just become strunk' basically =D
  4. You should work on building a good relationship with your closest dealer. So then you'll know if the names are legit or not
  5. you can be a social smoker and only take a few hits so your not so high you clam up if your in the circle your "in" and that's social.  If you are partaking with friends take a hit and pass on the next round then take another hit and pass, smoke slow and low and don't get too high I bet you have a better time or maybe your just a weed nap kinda guy and smoking makes you tired if that's the case smoke up and have ice creams I'm mean nice dreams all alone
  6. Lol myself as well as a lot of my friends talk a lot, but a lot of the times after we smoke when were driving were all quiet cause were just enjoying our high. It's normal. But if you're saying you can't ever socialize high that's sort of a problem lol.
  7. Same here man, as stupid as it sound it sometimes annoys me that i get blazed of less than half a gram
  8. I'm the exact same way no matter how often/how much I smoke I'm slapped after a few hits. not that it stops me.... ;)

    if you're smoking with real friends and not some ultra-cool kids you're trying to impress, they'll understand and not make you feel embarrassed because you can't smoke like them. hell, you should be proud of that little tolerance because you get like twice as high as they do. just smoke until you feel good then STOP.

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