Not many trichomes (crystals) at all. Is this a sign of low potency?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thefed, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. A friend asked me to post this on here....

    showed me 4 plants, 3 of which are loaded with trich's The last has very few at all, lots of red hairs early inf lower, but not many trichs. Now at 42 days, 50/50 clear cloudy...close to done. not seeded. very dense buds. Same environmentals. just no crystals. I'd say trich's are 80% FEWER on this one than the others

    an inspection at 100x magnification shows many smaller trichomes that are flat circles directly on the leaf, with no 'stem'. i forget their real name. i resd theyc arry some other types of cannabinoids than thc

    Anyhow, in your experience, do these kinds of plants ever pack as much a punch as a crystal-laiden plant, of say...they same strain? Or different strain? this an indication that it'll be the weakest of his plants.

    I KNOW, I KNOW...sample ti to try out is the only true right answer, but post your experiences. Thanks...he'd appreciate it
  2. Usually it depends on if one is sativa or indica i hear. I may be wrong and i am not sure which is which but one has trichroms and the other usualy doesnt.
  3. well I get stuff sometimes that doesn't have a whole lot of crystals but when you break it apart it apart is jsut nothing but trics. Maybe some bud is just like that, I don't know though.
  4. Were they all the same kind of seeds? Were they all fed and watered the same, do they have equal light distribution?
  5. theres exceptions to everything, but if your examination of the trichome content is correct, then yes, the bud should be of very low potency. also, i dont think anyone here was ever confused by hairs, but just to say it again, the hairs that appear on most strains have no psychoactive content.
  6. same seeds, equal light distribution, nutes, soil, water etc. drastically different trikes and appearance as well
  7. my guess then would be, genetic mutation of that seed. or its just the ugly twin sister.

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