Not magic, dna

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  1. It seems many people don't really understand DNA.

    DNA is a code that makes the blueprints of our body? That's a way oversimplification

    If you have every studied any developmental biology, you know that DNA doesn't just magically create our form.

    DNA doesn't code for the shame of our body.

    When the human cell first splits, the material inside the cells is decided unevenly. This is done by momy not DNA. This causes the two cells to develop differently giving rise to the head and tail shape.

    Scientists have found that DNA us Actualy very similar between creatures. Why do you think they all look different.

    Life isn't as simple as people like to make it sound and lots people make incorrect claims about it.

    So I'll say it again: read a book

    Seriously go to real school not seminar
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  3. Ummmm no. Not mad

    When the egg is fertilized an then splits the fluids inside the cell change and this reaction leads to form.

    This combined with proteins made to help inhibit which DNA gets copied so that a cell can only the tue DNA it needs.

    Developmental biology is a well studied field
  4. No one is arguing with you, though.
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  6. Sorry I'm just very sensitive

    When I hear "you mad bro" what I really heard was "you don't know what your talking about"

    So now I stop to remember that one line from princess diaries
  7. lol yeah DNA and all biology is very interesting stuff to study
  8. DNA is just the blueprint
  9. DNA seems pretty magical to me...
  10. So.... are you saying we did not magically come from a stork because my mommy and daddy really love each other?

  11. not magic?

  12. He mad bro.

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