NOt Kewl at all =(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Null, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. im washing my small one hitter pipe and my glass pipe and im about finished and im gonna go smoke up so i lift the drain to let out the water and WHOOOOOOOOSH my pipe goes down the drain =(

    that fucking scked...and i dont have a screen for my glass pipe and not enough feed to smoke a good bowl so now im shit out of luck =( and gotta wait until after class to go buy a new pipe
  2. why don't you just open it up, underneath at the u-piece, and take your pipe out, give it another clean and then use it...........well over here we hve u bends designed for that purpose, incase you lose anything down the sink.........if it's heavy, which it will be, being glass, then it should still be there...........Peace out.......Sid
  3. im sure it is..ill prolly open it up tomorrow or something and get it if it didnt get swept away

    one good thing came out of it.
    i went to a local head shop and bought this sweet pipe and looks like a pen
    with an eraser and the point extends to over 2ft and the bowl is squar

    awsome pipe and stealthy as hell
    and only 9.99
  4. thats cool about the pen-pipe, but let me get this right... your going to wait a day to try and get your pipe back?!?!?!
    id of taken apart the whole pipe system of my house to find that fucker if there was a chance it was still there, like, immediately!
    but as for having smoke and no piece, why donta just roll a joint, or make a pipe or bong from various stuff? it makes for great entertainment, especially when you make SUPER one!
  5. dont really care about the pipe i lost like i said i bought a new one and its sweet as helll

    and about making time i had to go to school..and next i only had a small piece left of the KB so not enough for a joint not even for a good size bowl but enough to smoke and get me high a few more times out of my small pipe
  6. so you're saying that the pipe extends to 2ft like an antenna on a radio?? shit that'd be mad trippy in the middle of a session.. .be like.. hey you guys want some more and then take out the tiny pipe and then whoooooOOOOOOoooosh!!! a magical extending pipe!!!
  7. sounds fun but it'd only be fun till it got all rezed and wouldnt slike anymore but haha i think I'mma make one outa my tv antena i dont use anymore... jsut for the fuck of it lol yup thats what I'mma do
  8. how come your one hitter would last you a couple more smoke sessions more than if u put it in ur reg glass piece
  9. I'd at least try to get the pipe back, you could sell it or give it away if you don't want it....

    Which gives me an idea... What if this forum had a 'for sale' area?? I'm sure there's alot of people with older unloved pieces just sitting around, wishing they had happy homes... People are always upgrading....

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