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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by brayden420, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. i had one thing in mind when i joined this website and that was to talk to others who have the same interest and also to better my own MJ gardening techniques. My first question was were to buy mj seeds and i got one overwhelming answer Dr Chronic and i have to say everyone was right not only was my order shipped as soon as i placed it but i got a discount on the already rock bottom prices and my beans came in 5 business days that incredible honestly i hadn't even begun to check my mail thought for sure it would take way longer anyways just gotta say the DOC is one stand up guy anyone thinking of ordering from anywhere else THINK AGAIN definately order from him again PE@CE

  2. Consider yourself lucky. Mine were shipped on the 11th and still not here. In email I am told it is a summer of postal strikes delaying my order but in a public forum the strike has only been a few 1 day strikes over the last 3 weeks and isn't a problem. I have asked for this to be explained and all I hear now is things like, it was sent, maybe it was lost or stolen from the premises. We have a community mail center in my townhouses with locked mail boxes.

    I sent an email asking if I could reorder and send more money for a reliable method of shipping due to the UK strike and so far no reply (48 hours). Maybe I should have started feelng suspicious when everyone else says delivery is 7-14 days but my confirmation email said 14-21 days.

    I know everyone says dr. chronic is a good guy and I am sure he is. Just be glad that it isn't your order to fall between the cracks, that is when a different side is shown. Just an explanation as to why the postal strike is the problem in email but the postal strike isn't a problem in a public forum might go a long way in repairing this lost trust of what everyone claims to be a good person.

    It's just a shame this happened on my first order which could taint a future relationship. Had I already had a successfully delivery then the trust might already be there. I can't say I don't trust him now but telling me 2 different stories then trying to explain these conflicting statements with even more useless excuses is not helping.

    Don't ever go and ask over on the docs forum either (HG420). One cross word about him on his forum and people come crawling out of the woodwork. It almost looks like the reason you never see a negative report might be because of the backlash a person receives for daring to even ask why a postal strike causes a failed delivery in email but in a public forum the postal strikes are all but non-existant and definately no problem.

    I had kinda hoped to be germinated now with some sprouts. It looks like now I have 3 weeks to wait before I can even have a right to actually complain and only then if the problem is resolved can we start this whole mess over again.

    I would love to be singing doc praises about how good he is too. I would love to be one of those here that acts as if he does no wrong and walks on water but in order for that to happen, I will at least need an ounce of truth or an explanation about if the strikes are or are not the problem so I can possibly reorder. If they are the problem then fine, don't say it isn't in public and cause other people to lose their money. If it isn't a problem then where are my seeds. It is really simple.

    I'm not looking for a bunch of useless excuses. I am looking for some seeds. If you give me an excuse then give me an honest excuse that you can stand behind even in public.

    Does anyone know of a reputable seed bank that accepts credit cards and preferably not prone to strikes in the UK?
  3. sneakers, that's a huge bummer and I feel for you. I'm an outdoor grower and if I miss my window I'm out til next season. Maybe you're indoor and this is just a delay, not a 12 month death sentence on your grow.

    Anyway, I had a very good experience with Doc Cronic. Mine took 11 calender days to arrive but what can you say? I would reorder with them.
  4. Sneaker, im totally feeling yah rite now. My order was shipped on the 9th of July according to the doc and rather than saying that they got seized, he is telling me that it takes 7-21 days rather than 7-14 days... Well im 3 days shy of 21 days and monday will make it the last day in the docs timeline for delivery. I spent 200 bucks on 10 seeds... blueberries, if ur curious to know the strain. Im hoping that this whole delivery problem is actually true so this brings some comfort and relief... but losing 200 bucks for something ill never get? thats fucking bullshit.
  5. I need to Vent !!!! Where are my blueberry seeds doc!!!! Email sent out july 9th... no word yet!!!! just a thought, maybe he changed his tactics for stealth shipping and maybe we threw them out mistakenly? like maybe a credit card envelope advertising for Visa or something?!!?!? fuck i doubt it. ive been tearing through all my mail everyday !! HELP ME

    I got this massive warehouse ready for 50+ crops and plenty of lighting. no use without my seeds... i gotta clone these seeds... all i need is 1 blueberry feminized seed.!!! helppp meee
  6. Sneakers it is a terrible thing going round. Sorta like some overseas flu or something. I was telling you that my order hadnt reached yet. Just called and my money order has been cashed 2 days ago and I still dont have and confirmation yet. One of my orders is out of stock so I am wondering if that is the case, but trust me bro I got my credit card ready for a flight to Europe to find my order if necessary. I always hear so many testimonies about doc, and I definitley would like to be one to give good reviews. So I will definitley keep you posted on what happens.
  7. Go tell them about it on hg420 in the dr chronic section. Here is my thread. Watch all of the chronic chronies come unglued that you even mention that their god hasn't delivered your seeds.

    I did get an email today but for now, he will get his 21 days. He will even get his 5 weeks as posted on his website. I may even be a dumbass and try ordering another batch of inexpensive seeds just in case it was the so called strike...

    but at some point there will be a reckoning. Hopefully the reckoning will be that I will get my seeds soon so I can tell people here that I got them then get on with growing instead of all of this petty bullshit. If you give me an excuse in private then be ready to stand behind that same excuse in public. Anything short of that is deceit.
  8. A couple of chronic chronie quotes...

    Huxley -

    well a summer of postal strikes clearly does not mean one big strike or doc would have put it in the singular. There is a summer here and we are having a series of one day postal strikes, I dont see the problem with your quoted email, its all true. Even one day strikes can fuck up this service for weeks in the uk, but they are unofficial and should be sorted in the next month or so..
    Peace [​IMG]

    That's a stretch to say the very least. He said summer, not 3 weeks. In the next month or so? Hell, that is the amount of time for a grow. I just want seeds, I don't want them grown first.

    Here is another one

    Movie2121 -

    You do not sound very HAPPY to me. To those of us who frequent this forum your public comments are ones not welcomed here. I'm sure my post will be followed by a barrage of protest. View the Happy Customer thread and take a pill.

    Click below to view the Happy Customer Thread.


    All I did was mention there is a postal strike in the UK interfering with the delivery of seeds, the exact same excuse I was given by Dr Chronic.

    You can't tell who owns the place can you?
  9. I am a happy and Loyal Customer of the DOC.

    It is unfortunate that some people haven't received their orders But I fail to understand
    How it is Doc's fault?

    Hang in there and Hope for the Best

    I am no way a Cronnie of the Doc but he seems to be honest and his service is usually top notch.


  10. I have heard only good things about him too up until recently. I do believe that generally he is on the up and up. I can not believe all of this comotion over me questioning 2 conflicting statements. I understand problems happen beyond the shippers control but when the shipper starts talking from both sides of his face, it makes me wonder who might really be at fault. Someone with nothing to hide wouldn't give me 2 conflicting reasons as to why they are delayed.

    I am trying to be patient. Wednesday makes the 21 day mark of the time my confirmation email said to allow for delivery.

    As for his forum, it almost isn't worth even posting anything there. All of his goofball followers act as if he is Rev. Jim Jones with a bowl full of koolaid. It is as if they do read a post but only take out of it bits and pieces that can be twisted around for whatever reason they feel a need to prop this guy up. Personally I feel he is able to prop his own self up on his own merit and reputation without the flood of comments from some form of sub class of half blind followers which in turn puffs his own head up and he makes some other stupid remark that has to be explained later. One of these pieces of fish even suggested that he ban me from buying anymore seeds. That might actually carry some weight if 100% of the money sent thus far had not been attached to an unsuccessful delivery.

    I really want to give him a chance. Maybe it is lost. Maybe these comments and conflicting statements are misunderstandings on my part. We are told to allow 21 days for a reason so I will wait.

    As of now, I am giving Dr Chronic the benefit of a doubt. Not that this will all go away but maybe by that 21 day mark something will happen. I hope that I too will be able to say good things by then.
  11. Doc sent me an email yesterday telling me he was going to refund my money. A few minutes later another email saying he was going to send me some free seeds. I emailed him back and asked him to just keep the money and resend my seeds. A little later another email came saying free seeds were on their way. I just hope they get here soon.

    Regardless of what happens now, whenever seeds arrive or money is refunded, I will be ordering some more from him. I just wish I wasn't sitting here 3 weeks later right back where I started.
  12. lol I hear ya bro.Doc isnt perfect but he dose try to do good business.How much more can any of us ask?Im glad all of it worked out.let us know when you get the seeds and I cant wait to see the results in your journal.:)
  13. yo sneakers, i ordered seeds on july 9th and still no where in site... congrats on ur pickup. i fucking hate this shit. i havent even gotten any seeds yet and my grow op with 8 1000 watts is on standby for these fucking feminized blueberries!!!
  14. really tho i dont think any of you should be complaining your ordering seeds and sending them to a country where they are illegal if you really expect to get everything you want your way then move to a country where it is LEGAL when i order i always prepare for the worst
  15. I think Brayden just summed it all up, are you all forgetting that you are purchasing something illegal right? You should be happy if the orders go through 50% of the time, anyways Doc Chron does his best and isn't trying to dupe anyone over, on top of that he is willing to reconcile problems that he isn't even responsible for. It's ironic such good customer service coming from a semi-illegal enterprise, but regardless he is willing to work with you so work with him a little.
  16. You are VERY lucky to get a replacement...

    Lost packages, or confiscated seeds are not in any way the seed distributors problem. They are nice enough to package them up, and send them off to places they shouldn't be in the first place... Most customers realize this, and except the underlying risk that u may not be getting what ya paid good money for.... Buy/ship at your own risk basically.

    Most seed banks hold steadfast to this policy, and on occasions I've been personally turned down replacements on no shows.... So yeah very, very lucky..

    Sorry you were treating so harshly for asking questions over there.. You also have to understand It wouldn't be the first time someone posted up whining in public forum (I'm not saying thats what you did) in chances of getting some free seed, or replacements.. the doc really doesn't owe anyone a reason for delayed or lost shipments, as once they leave him it's basically out of his control. it's not his fault we live in an unfriendly location, and it's not his problem to make up for confiscated seed when the risk is already known, and he already shipped them out once.... So the majority will always naturally come to the persons aid who is making this all possible for us in the first place.. it's just natural IMO to stand up for those who stand up for you...

    Bringing up a problem like this in forum, usually does get the response you got as the majority do realize the risks, and do appreciate the doc for even packing them up and shipping them in the first place.... Many companies even in the uk, Hamsterdam (grasscity for instance) bend over for the war USA has on marijuana... the few who don't bend over, and do take risks to get these genetics here are hugely respected in the community.

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