Not inhaling like not swallowing?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cloud n9ne, May 16, 2010.

  1. So I was smoking with some friends the other day, they're fairly new to smoking (two girls, one dude) and we're ripping from my bong and they don't understand the concept of inhaling after you rip it. I tried to describe it to them, multiple times, each time failing more than the last. Finally what did it was when I said "Not inhaling after you smoke, is like taking a big sip of beer, swishing it around in your mouth, then spitting it out." I didn't even realize what I said when I said it, but they instantly understood and I felt like a beast teacher or something.

    Made my day :):bongin::D
  2. i know i hate that when people are like how do you inhale. my best way to describe it i just say suck in air after u hit it.. works everytime!!! :smoking:
  3. are you asking a question seems like it in your title...

    but yea i don't get why people do that a couple years ago i was at a party and it took me so long to teach my friend to inhale. he just kept
  4. i tell them to breathe in after they hit it, so the smoke goes to te lungs
  5. Lol yeah I was originally gonna ask a question but halfway through typing it I forgot :D
  6. I learned the hard way....punch to the chest blunt to the mouth...I coughed for like 45 min lol
  7. this is what i tell people "take a hit and breathe in afterwards..puff your chest out! and dont exhale until i tell you to" works every time :D
  8. i dont get it... after i rip a bong that shits all in my lungs...

    i mean i inhale after i inhale but, i dont really NEED to. i just wanted to make sure all the smoke hits my lungs.

    maybe ive just been smoking too long so i dont even understand the predicament. its just a natural reaction for me these days lol!

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