Not in the house, son!

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  1. Do you consider the back porch, "the house"? My dad has been... lenient... lets say lately. I come home blasted, and he lets me change the channel and put on stupid shit... We have funny conversations and I'm laughing the whole time. He obviously knows I'm high.

    He's caught me a few times in the past, in my room smoking out the window... (Ozium just didn't cut it a few times...) and he always just told me "NOT IN THE HOUSE, JESUS"

    So I've been whipping down in the middle of the night to get my smoke on... But it just hit me that I still might be in the wrong...

    So.. is the back porch, "the house"?

    Or should I just do it like usual
  2. your dad named you jesus?
  3. He might be Mexican in which case you pronounce it "hay-Zeus" or not.
  4. Well technically yes. But it sounds like he just doesn't want smoke in the house. Even if you aren't letting it escape your room. My parents would rather me smoke in my room, can't get caught in here :laughing:

  5. Shit I wish he did... Nobody would fuck with me then. Because NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS

  6. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']He might be Mexican in which case you pronounce it "hay-Zeus" or not.[/quote]

    It can also be pronounced normally, depends on the parents really
  7. just go for a walk when you toke stop bein lazy
  8. Just go to the back of the back yard and like stand under some trees. im sure your dad will appreciate the fact that at least your trying to get as far away as possible, while still staying out of the laws way.

    ive been in the same position as you, and from my experience, as long as your not flaunting it and at least trying to be somewhat respectful, you wont get bothered

  9. This x100. If you smoke outdoors where others could see you, don't act suspicious about it. Smoke joints and not glass and just act like it's a cigg and no one should suspect anything.
  10. Take a walk and smoke.. Come back high and have no paranoia of your dad smelling pot in the house lol.
  11. [quote name='"ddoublevision"']

    It can also be pronounced normally, depends on the parents really[/quote]

    Hahahs "normally".

    That's funny.

    Dem Mexicayns ain't normal !
  12. But.... What is normal? :ey:

    Why don't you just ask him?
  13. Fuck all of you my name isn't jesus ahahahahah

  14. hahhahaha I love this forum, people post things that can easily be thought out.
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    I'd just try to clarify if he doesn't like the smell or if he doesn't want it on the property.

    I ran into a similar situation when younger with my dad. He yelled at me a few times for smoking with some friends in my room. So we moved it outside to the back porch which has some good gardening to conceal most of the publics view.

    Got paranoid while with my friends when he walked outside on us smoking a bong on the patio. So we just asked my dad straight up if he was cool with it. He laughed. Turned out he just didn't want us to smoke inside because the smell made him want to smoke but his job prevents that. Also said that we were allowed to smoke in the basement as much as we wanted. Actually he prefered us to smoke in the basement because neighbors still might be able to see from top floor windows. :rolleyes:

    So just being straight up and asking might be a blessing in disguise. He might have an area of the house he would be cool with you turning into a stoner man cave.

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