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Not in a great mood.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NickM420, May 26, 2010.

  1. Alright, well I'm passing all my classes in schools. I have 4 days left of school. I am one of four people in my math class to get commended on the end of course exam. Which is a 90% or better. Theres some info to help the story.

    Well thursday, friday, monday, and today I have got high with some new smoking buddies. I got my dad to drive me home today from the guys house and he said "I suppose theirs a reason you reek of axe?" and I said no. I want to straight up tell him, "I smoke weed. ". My dad used to be a big hippy and did shooms, acid, and weed. My mom never did anything but drink. Both of my parents are now hardcore conservatives. My dad and I just got into a heated arguement. First arguement in a few months. It was over little shit. I was mad, and he just said stuff, and I got mad and stomped upstairs and punched my wall about 2 or 3 times. he came upstairs and yelled at me to stop doing and people were sleeping. So I said that they can go back to sleep. He told me to stop doing shit, and I told him to not tell me what to do.

    I know it was immature, I was in a really bad mood. I understand that today or anytime soon isn't the best time to confront my parents. When is the best time?

    all of this "I'm under their roof" and such. whatever. I don't smoke, or store anything under their roof. I'm 18, however I am not fit to move out yet.

    Going back to the first paragraph. I want to show him how drugs won't mess up my life. I have smoked weed, everyday for a bit. I was smoking daily when I took my EOC exam, and I got commended. I passed my english EOC too. They won't watch the union with me, I already asked them to, my dad declined. What are some things that I can bring up that will maybe help my dad grow on the idea of me using marijuana.

    I'm not in a good mood. Those are my 2 questions. Fuck.
  2. Sorry to say this, but if your parents won't watch the Union with you, they are not willing, nor do they want/care to hear what you have to say. Period.
  3. I understand. They won't be happy with it. They won't like it, encourage it, or tolerate it, but I'm going to smoke weed, and I don't want to be constantly lying, so I was looking for how to approach them and tell them.
  4. "I'm 18 years old. I understand you don't condone what I do; however, I am old enough to make my own decisions now. I will respect your house by not bringing any drug-related things into your house, but I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. I am a responsible adult, and although I am your child you can't hold on to me forever. I am doing good in my studies, and don't see weed affecting my life. I will make my own choices now, and if you want me out can you give me a little time to become financially stable and find a place to stay, and I'll be gone".

  5. +rep ty. this sounds pretty good.
  6. Just keep up with the good fight, keep telling them marijuana isnt bad one better. PROVE to them that a stoner can do something and be a productive member of society and great son, shit this isn't even about you no more.This is bigger then you, bigger then me, but not bigger then Biggie no nothings bigger then Biggie, but bigger then all of us except Biggie. So do it for us, do it for all of those who opposed our kind, called us stoners, pot-heads, green thumbs, herb-ivores, smelly-kid-who-doesn't-shower-everyday-but-really-does-just-reeks-of-weed-all-day boy, Marijuana face,Weeder, He Who Smokes Smelly Shit, Dirty Stoner and such, Do it for them. :smoke:

  7. I will do it for them. And nothing is bigger than biggie. He is the real shit. Biggie in my mind is like the black chuck norris.
  8. I too, am in a terrible mood. Fucked up on 2 exams (1 per course) and now I have to pull straight 100s on the next tests to bring it back to an A. Enough of that shit.

    OP, I wouldn't do anything to upset them. Just keep your mouth shut, and keep doing whatever to not bother your folks. After moving out, you can tell them.

    Great excuse for smelling like Axe: "Oh, we were playing some (insert sport here), and stunk from sweat."
  9. haha ive been making my own decisions since i was ehhh, about 7 er 8. Didnt smoke err anything but i was always out chillin wit ppl half my age, and now that i think about it why would 13-17 year olds chill wit some lil kid haha, but ive been frens wit dem my whole life and sum them got kids. and im just 19 ahaha. there all old n shit.. But chyeah. my mom always trusted me. and ive always had my frens looking out for me. haha amm i offtopicc? x) haha

  10. I told him that my friend bust in the room going crazy and started spraying me and my other friend.
  11. LOL

    I do believe the less immature excuse is the better.
  12. Hahaha OP's from texas? :D

    EDIT: Damnit i posted this before i looked on ur post xD
    TAKS :D

  13. haha yeah ATX the 512

  14. haha reppin h-town homiee:wave:

  15. Wish that I lived there.
  16. Most parent's won't accept the fact that their child smokes marijuana. They think that they will always be the little innocent child that would never touch drugs. Denial.
  17. nothing pisses me off more than the not under my roof bullshit

  18. Speaking as a parent, that last part is going to piss them off. You're basically saying I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want and you have to continue to support me anyway. My reaction to that would be you live by my rules or there's the fucking door. I'd call that bluff in a heartbeat because I'd know you'd back down from it.

    I would tell them you smoke weed, and it has not been a problem, and tell them why it's not bad, but then say that you will abide by any rules they set for you while you're living on their dime. You'll quit now if they want you to, but you will start right back up again when you're out on your own. They will respect you for saying this because it's how an adult would handle it. If they tell you to quit, really quit. Lying and sneaking around is childish behavior, an adult whose parents do not need to worry about him will be honest and straightforward.

    And frankly, if you can't quit long enough to get this shit sorted out, you have a problem.

    Parents and kids always go through this back and forth thing: you never treat me like an adult...well you don't act like an adult. An adult, a mature person, takes care of his own shit and respects other people. A child expects to be taken care and thinks he can do whatever he wants and owes nobody nothing. If you approach this like a child, your parents will be scared for you and try to keep you from doing weed. If you approach it like an adult, they will see that you're maturing, that you've thought it through, and you are being respectful of their house and rules.

  19. Why? If someone else is supporting you and giving you a place to live why shouldn't you respect their rules?

  20. i wasnt going to reply but when the OP comes from Texas, gotta say whats up.

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