Not hungry? Finding out why.

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  1. Okay, I'm hungry, but not in the traditional sense.
    I want food, but every time I go to make myself breakfast/lunch/snack/etc.,
    I look at the prospective components that comprise the meal I'm about to munch down and they immediately almost make me lose my appetite even though my stomach is mercilessly growling like a motherfucking bear. Now, I smoke a daily basis, and sometimes I can't eat if I haven't smoked, but lately this happens to me even whilst high, so I'm just looking for some answers is all. :eek:
  2. I dont know man. I know that sometimes in the morning before I have smoked if I try to to eat to early after I got up I just can't do it. I'll be hungry as hell stomach growling, then take a bite and I just can't swallow it. Like I say idk man its fuckin weird.
  3. Maybe you have HIV?

  4. Weird you should mention this, because
    this predominantly happens in the morning before I go to school. haha
    Even if I try to smoke though it just makes me want to throw up the smoke haha

    Just had a physical on 03/05/12
    AIDS/HIV/STD free.
  5. Weird man. I'm just never hungry these days. It sucks
  6. Yep dude, the only time it will happen to me. When I have to wake up early and try to eat something cause I wont be home for a while, like my brain doesn't want the food to go down to my stomach.

  7. I can empathize. Some days I this happens, and some days I get like you where I'm not hungry at all the entire day..

    I wonder if there's a condition for this. haha
  8. Loss of appetite is very common in heavy smokers- especially when a heavy/daily smoker stops smoking for any length of time.
  9. I can't eat in the morning whether I've smoked or not.

  10. That would actually make sense.

    I mean, my body can be hungry as fuck, but if I don't have the appetite to eat it then my body is going to want to reject it, in a sense. right?
  11. I know how you feel man I couldn't eat much food at all for like 3 months without blazing. I'd feel hungry but when I put food in my mouth and tried to swallow it, it would make me gag sometimes and I'd feel full after a couple bites.

    I'm able to eat more now though but not as much as I'd like. I'm 5 foot 11 inches and like 125 pounds and I smoke a bit but I'm no chain smoker.

    I went to the doctor about it and she just told me to eat more. The funny thing is my appetite came back like the next day. Pretty fucked
  12. I only eat like one good meal a day anymore. I usually don't want breakfast when I wake up or I'll just eat a banana and then go the rest of the day without eating until I get home at night and I just eat a lot then. I do have a hunger feeling and my stomach does growl but I guess I've gotten use to it. I actually don't have much of an appetite or nothing sounds good at all until I get off work and I can completely relax and enjoy a good dinner.
  13. Same here but I've been losing weight too :(
  14. It sounds like a lot of problems might be from not eating right in the first place. But seriously, if anyone wants an answer, they should probably go to the doc.
  15. i find that this happens to me too. there's a correlation though, as my depression gets worse, i smoke more, and then feel like eating way less. comes and goes in cycles.
  16. [quote name='"screech"']i find that this happens to me too. there's a correlation though, as my depression gets worse, i smoke more, and then feel like eating way less. comes and goes in cycles.[/quote]

    depression itself also massively decreases appetite, sometimes i would only eat one meal a day

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