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  1. So I’m a month and 4 days in from seed and this is all I have to show. I’m growing indoors (venting into same room cuz I live in an apt with central ac/heat) they’re in 3 gals, being fed with advanced nutrients. I think my guess as to what’s happening/happened is overwatering, I’ve been trying to be careful but it’s almost like no matter how long I wait to water, they still get droopy after a water and I haven’t really seen them praying in a while. Temps stay between 75-80 with rh at 50-65. However, even with a good dry out period I feel like I haven’t seen that really speedy veg growth and switch to adult body besides the middle one. Any suggestions/tips? Or should I just restart the room?
  2. Oops, forgot to post a picture. [​IMG]
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  3. You are giving them too much water at one time. You shouldn't water until runoff untill those plants are at least 3 weeks old in those pots. Let them dry out completely, then small amounts of water around the diameter of the canopy, with low doses of your nutrient mix. As the plant size increases, so should your watering amounts.
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  4. Cool, I’ll try that out. I heard it didn’t matter how much you gave them at once only how often, so I do water pretty thoroughly. Should I try to salvage or do you think they could recover?
  5. they will heal.
  6. Damn, I was planning on vegging them for a while. But I have 5 in 3 gals, so I’ll wait til they full recover and then give them a good 2-3 weeks of healthy Veg and flip. I appreciate the help.
  7. One other thing. I’m using advanced nutrients and the ph sits around 5.8 but It’s suppose to have perfect ph and I heard that’s alright but should I start adjusting to 6.0-6.5?
  8. first and most important question is What light are you using and at what distance? i veg mine under 600 watts metal halide 12 inches away and my growth explodes quickly Plant use light as food not water not nutrients i agree with the drying out part and make them search for roots try a bottom feeding its easy if you need to know how just ask
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  9. 2 plants in there will be full 4 maybe but super crowded 5 is too many
  10. It’s about 12 inches, vs2000 full spectrum (200w) light isn’t an issue I don’t think, I don’t have issues with stretching.
  11. this is 4 weeks with my light IMG_20220923_122156216_HDR.jpg IMG_20221004_104540939.jpg IMG_20221026_141034671.jpg
  12. 200 watts is not enough to attempt flowering 5 plants not if you want any kind of weight
  13. i have seen plants grown just fine under 200w. It isn't about wattage, its about ppfd. This is the coverage chart for my light. [​IMG]
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  14. .. aim for 35 watts a cubic foot IMO thats 4x4=16sqft x 35watts= 560watts is a great start
    or 16sqft x25watts= 400watt required, about standard

    good luck
  15. i guess for a 3x3 it will work i have a bigger space and run 1350 watts for 2 plants but i started smaller and just wasnt satisfied i mean its a 4 month investment minimum and i try to max out my plants well if you dont show major improvements in 2 weeks maybe it is the strain? at 6 weeks they should be 18 inches minimum
  16. I’ve been overwatering, so I believe they’re just stunted right now. But I’m just concerned about the 5.8 ph. I’m a 3x3 id be getting around 22 ish watts per cubic foot?
  17. Advanced nutrients is supposed to be ph perfect and that it’s between 5.8-6.2 but idk the one on the left looks super light up top.
  18. You are very correct. 200w in a 3x3 will give you half a pound dried from 2 plants, no problem.

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